“I feel tired, dazed like I’m drunk and my head is going to blow …”. How many times have you heard this sentence? The modern lifestyle takes its toll. We move less, sit more, lay in irregular positions while we are sleeping, carrying a bag, or work at a computer. Our muscles are constantly transmitting tension, that after a while creates us pain – mostly in the back and the spine.

Chiropractic, the skill of “fixing” the spine that dates back to Hippocrates, can help in such situations.

5Spine Correction Is Completely Safe And Comfortable


Chiropractic is a specific manual placement of the spine or other joints, which can help eliminate pain, stiffness, and tension in the joints and muscles, bringing the segments into a physiological position. Professional spinal correction is completely safe, harmless and patient-friendly. There are no strong or rough twists, presses or pulls. It is minimal displacement of the bone, which is based on x-ray diagnostics and palpation.

4Can The Patient Be Completely Relieved Of Pain?


After two weeks, most patients are feeling better. Chiropractic treatment solves or alleviates 90% of spinal problems and reduces pain by 30 to 40%. Back pain is the second most common disease in the world after a cold. Chiropractic is the most effective way to treat these types of pain.

In addition to traumas, falls, and car crashes, causes of back and neck pain are the most common acute spinal related conditions. According to Miami Spine And Performance, the most common are an acute lumbar syndrome, disc herniation or pain and tingling along the leg. Pain in the joints, shoulders, as well as various types of headaches and migraines, are also very common. These problems can often be the consequence of an unhealthy lifestyle.

3How Do We Avoid Or At Least Alleviate Stress?


For stress caused by improper posture, sitting in front of a computer for a long time, or sleeping on an unattended bed or pillow, some exercises include straightening, stretching, and breathing exercises. One should turn to treat the causes of health problems, not just eliminating the consequences and symptoms of the disease.

2Chiropractic In Discus Hernia


The disk is a soft shock absorber inserted between the spinal vertebrae, whose role is to receive and alleviate the stress generated in the spinal column during daily activities. A herniated disc is a changed state of the discus resulting from degenerative changes, and less frequently after trauma.

This change leads to the creation of a “bulge” or a “pocket”. Depending on where the change occurred, it puts pressure on the surrounding tissue leading to certain problems. By chiropractic, we act on the soft tissue structures, like the vertebrae.

With certain techniques, the chiropractor performs unburdening and restoring the vertebra to a physiological position. That enables the restoration of the disc to its original position. For more information on treating a herniated disc, visit

1Surgery Without Scalpel


Chiropractic, or the “scalpel-free surgery”, is well-known as the most effective and economical way to relieve pain. This is primarily related to back and neck pain, whether it is acute pain, discus hernia or chronic pain as a result of spondylosis.

Chiropractic is also known for its success in eliminating headaches, dizziness, pain in the shoulders and arms, that result from disorders of the cervical spine, sports injuries, fibromyalgia and many other disorders related to the muscular and skeletal system.

Chiropractic is covered by health insurance in the US, Canada, and Australia, and is a complement to treatment in more than 80, high-developed, countries in the world. The therapy uses modern medical diagnostics – X-ray, MR, scanner, electromyography, and others.