Elevator shoes are a trendy way to elevate your height and keep you on the same level with the tall guys, not only will you be able to command respect with this type of shoe, but you will also have the lady’s full attention and even the attention.

Your height isn’t a problem anymore, not when there are elevator shoes and if you are wondering what people will say when they find out, the fact is that they will never find out, it’s your secret weapon and will remain so for as long as you want.

Often, one of the questions that most men ask is when should elevator shoes and shoe lifts be worn? In this article, we provide answers to the question

1Going Out

Like any regular shoes, elevator shoes can be worn when going out. Whether you have an important interview to attend, or you wish to impress your date, there are various range of formal elevator shoes to choose from. And while at it do not forget your style, as it also needs to be shown some love.

If you are going for elevator shoes that are between 2 to 4 inches high, then you will need to factor in your style when choosing the type of trouser to go for. In my personal opinion, black pants or navy blue chinos will do just fine. Ensure the trouser is below your ankle as no one needs to see your ankle if you are opting for a smart look.

After this, you can then complete your look with a fashionable black-colored bomber jacket or a well-tailored black blazer if you hope to achieve a more formal look or if you wish to make an excellent first impression.

2Everyday Look

For an everyday look, there are so many options to choose from. There are the brogues and the trainers, sneakers, and loafers, and every other design of shoes to choose from, and if they don’t all suit what you need, then you can also have one tailored to your taste. Check here for more about shoes https://www.bestshoesrated.com/history-of-shoes/.

If you wish to hang out in town and also plan to engage in Pokemon hunting while at it, you may want to go for comfortable sneakers or a trainer or any other easy to wear elevator shoe that catches your fancy.

After this, select a pair of fit jeans along with a long-sleeved T-shirt or even a classic shirt. You are always free to mix up your style, hence do not stick to one pattern but create an edgier appearance. For example, you could select a plain white T-shirt and then top it up with a leather biker jacket and a skinny black-colored pair of jeans, and then with your elevator shoe sneaker, that’s enough to create a lasting impression.

For all the glamorous look you hope to pull off, without the best elevator shoes, it’s all for naught, hence I will recommend that you purchase GuidoMaggi.com elevator shoes if you wish to be accorded the respect and recognition you deserve.