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Today, while juggling the obligations of studies and daily life, perhaps it has become a bit difficult to make time to meet new friends or dates – even if you are rather outgoing, it could be quite challenging. But with technology every day forming a large part of our lives, one of the options you have available is to encounter others online.

Many of us might often be convinced that the best way to make some brand new friendships is to go out and meet someone in real life. And that’s okay – but we also hesitate when it comes to some other ways of doing it.

Although the Internet might be observed as a not-so-secure option and a shallow alternative to “real” relationships, here’s a newsflash – it offers many possibilities to build some nice and long-lasting friendships in a simple way. And they don’t necessarily have to be superficial.

Just think about it. No space or time limits, it’s fun, numerous free applications and websites and a great possibility to connect with similar individuals from rather different backgrounds and conditions. And all that while being at any place in the world.

Ready to hear some tips on how to get the best out of this? Let’s see what we have here.

9Virtual groups on Facebook


Although Facebook seems to have been suppressed by other, more catchy and popular apps lately, it still provides more than useful and fun ways to get some virtual friends. In case you’re interested in particular hobbies like fishing, reading, music, gardening or any other type of free time activities or occupations, there simply MUST be a Facebook group related to that.

Such groups are full of persons that might share the interests with you – it might start with likes, comments or a discussion, and end with private messages, some great acquaintances and much fun. Ready, set, search!


Yes, believe it or not – the forums still exist. And they still cover lots of different topics – basically, whatever comes to your mind.

The concept is almost identical to the one related to groups – we continue here with the logic of being able to contact individuals with similar interests via various threads and posts within the chosen forum.

This can lead to quite strong connections as you already have something in common with others in that community –  and that way, getting to know each other better and meeting face to face can simply be a matter of time.



Let’s get things straight. When you decide to write a blog, you do it because deep inside you crave some opinions regarding your writing style, the things you write about and some discussions. You do it right, and voilà – you won’t need to wait much until you bump into some like-minded fellows who’ll be eager to debate and talk through their own points of view with you.

Not that keen on writing? Well, no worries – you’ll still be able to build some relations via blogs. Simply find the ones that capture your interest, read them and let their authors know that you’re there and that you’re paying attention to what they do. They’ll cherish it – and this might start some truly amazing stories.

6Playing games on the Internet

This may surprise you but this maybe even a more powerful way to run across someone online than those apps or websites. This way players are having fun, playing tournaments, sometimes earning some cash, feeling various kinds of emotions… and things like this connect them.

After a certain time coinciding in the same game you might feel closer to other gamers, which will almost inevitably lead to more intensive contact and meeting in person in case these guys live somewhere near. And even if they don’t – this might be a great opportunity for them to come and visit, or they can host you instead.



Tinder remains one of the most used tools worldwide to become acquainted with others but is basically used for online flirting. The usage is quite simple and as it’s so popular, it doesn’t matter where you are from since surely there are persons willing to meet you somewhere near.

You just need to browse through the photos of your possible matches on the smartphone, dragging them to the right if you like what you see (and read!), or to the left if that’s not the case.

When the person you liked likes you too, the application sends a message to both parties, and only then does it put you in touch so that you can start a private chat conversation. No unwanted messages from older guys, too young girls or the persons you aren’t attracted to.  Dope, right?


It’s also a rather simple application to use and is intended primarily for young populations. This app has a search method that shows you the user photos of the ones who have some mutual interests with you. You just have to delineate the search criteria and then decide who you want to know more about among the images shown.

In addition, you can find out which members liked your photos or see if someone whom you liked also liked you. Getting started in Badoo is free, and the website provides the opportunity to create a profile, add pictures, find users in your area and chat with 10 new users every day.



Not much to say about this one – nowadays, Instagram has become more popular than any other social network app. No wonder why everyone is fascinated with it – it has everything that’s necessary to catch the attention of broad masses of the users. It doesn’t include groups or similar features, but it’s a great opportunity to get in touch with people anyway.


Those who feel confident and comfortable with video chat apps will simply love this one. Remember those chats like Omegle or Chatroulette? Well, this one comes as an improved version and it is called Camsurf.

It offers a great connection and also a possibility to choose the geographic location of the people you want to chat to. But the best part is yet to come – it has its own Terms and Conditions that forbid obscene or vulgar content and comments, thanks to which you’ll be able to enjoy some great conversations without having to deal with a bunch of naked or half-naked guys like on some other similar platforms. Yay!



If there is an area in which you can combine having fun with getting familiar with other nations, it’s undoubtedly that of travel. Through Couchsurfing, you get in touch with other users of the website while offering them to stay at your place while traveling mostly for free, or searching for some free accommodation while traveling.

The best thing about all this? You get to know those people, share some magnificent stories, hang out, get to know more about each other’s cultures and much more. All this through fun and good vibes.