Dating apps have completely changed the way we look for dating partners. However, these have been around for quite some time now, and the first-ever dating site was launched back in 1995!

While there is a clear difference between an application on your smartphone with a website, the goal of these technologies is still the same.

There are many dating applications out there that help people accomplish what they want. In this article, we are going to talk about the top 10 dating apps you can download.

1. Tinder


To no one’s surprise, we have Tinder. For those that don’t know, (have you been living under a rock or something?) Tinder is the most downloaded matching application on both Google Play and the App Store.

To join Tinder you need to create an account and be older than 18. Tinder lets you personalize your profile to gain more attention from other users. You select your preferred s*x and based on other points Tinder sends you other profiles that match those specifications.

Although widely criticized for being something else than what the makers originally thought it would be, Tinder is still the number one place for meeting new people.

2. OkCupid


OkCupid, the same as Tinder, started as a place where two people could meet before meeting in the real world but has ever since evolved into a digital space where it keeps you updated with recent news regarding the world of technology.

Same as Tinder, and you will notice a reoccurring theme here, OkCupid lets you create an account, give out some information about yourself, and answer questions on what you like and what you want from your (future) partner.

Based on the answers, the OkCupid connects you to likeminded people. OkCupid is a huge place to meet other people with more than 91 million unique accounts.

3. POF – Plenty of Fish


POF is similar to OkCupid in a sense that falls under the category of older dating apps. With a large database of unique accounts, POF matches you with your ideal partners based on likes, dislikes, needs, and wants.

POF has a system similar to Tinder’ “swiping” called “sparking”, and is completely free for use.

4. Grindr


Grindr is the best place for members of the LGBTQ+ people to meet likeminded people. If you’re gay and proud, then Grindr is definitely an app you should download.

However, Grindir isn’t necessarily only a dating app, instead, it also acts as a social media platform for its users.

Unlike other apps on our list, Grindr won’t allow itself to be used as something they don’t market to be. So, to see through people’s bulls**t, Grindr politely asks you and makes it crystal clear, that you let others know of your intentions. That means it will ask you to state if you’re looking for a casual relationship, love, or even a friend.

5. Bumble


Bumble can safely promote itself to users as one of the best applications out there for a simple reason.

On Bumble, users can do everything that Tinder or any other app allows them to do. The messaging system is great, profiles can be edited, etc.

However, the reason that makes Bumble so different is down to the fact that the woman must message the man if they are to open communications. For same-s*x dating, anyone can start communication.

Furthermore, there is a clear code of conduct that every member must abide by. So why not give Bumble of trying if you’re looking for a better and safer version of Tinder?

6. Bad Boys App

People love to meet new people, and dating apps make that a possibility.

Some apps are marketed exclusively for guys, and some market them for girls. One app that markets itself for guys is Bad Boys App.

Bad Boys App is a mobile dating sims app that lets users play games while meeting new girls. The app has a game system in place and you have to solve puzzles to meet new sims. You play puzzle games to unlock new people, and that makes things that much interesting.

For more information check out and jump right to it.

7. Down Dating


Another free app that can be downloaded on all smartphones, Down Dating resembles another Tinder or Bumble. It has all the features than any other dating app would have such as editing profiles, swiping, etc. The app will also ask you to describe what type of relationship you want, and it also asks you to link your Facebook profile to verify.

Every person above the age of 17 can join Down Dating.

8. Asian Dating


The name pretty much tells everything you need to know about this one. Anyone that looks for hooking up with Asian singles can download Asian Dating.

With a database of over 3 million Asian singles, this app is a fun place where you can meet exotic girls from places far away. The app has all the features as any other dating app, and it has three membership options of which one is free. The other two include gold and platinum, with both offering users some benefits.

9. Facebook Dating


Facebook Dating is a new feature by Facebook that promises to make meeting new people easy and authentic. Facebook Dating connects you to people based on your likes and dislikes, but it also makes it possible to integrate Instagram posts into your profile.

This is one of the up and coming dating apps out there, but it requires you to have a Facebook account.

10. The League


The League is a place to meet exceptional people. The app promises to be the best place to date since not everyone can join the community.

To join, however, you need to link your Facebook and get this, LinkedIn account. It is simply one way to eliminate ordinary people. But if you think that the registration process is over, then you’re wrong.

Once you’ve linked both accounts, your profile will go through a rigorous process to determine whether you are worthy to join or not.