Our world is home to many incredible places, and while we all know about the classic seven wonders of the world, there are some amazing locations that not a lot of people are familiar with. Hidden around the world, these unknown wonders will definitely surprise you and make you think about the beauty of our planet. Here are 7 astonishing wonders of the world that you might not have known about.



The ancient city of Meroë can be found on the banks of the Nile river in eastern Sudan. The archaeological site is located in the middle of the desert and for hundreds of years, Meroë was the capital of the ancient Kingdom of Kush. The city contains approximately 200 pyramids, made for rulers which reigned for over 9 centuries. Some estimates say this site could be around 2,700 years old.

6Kamchatka Ice Cave

Kamchatka Ice Cave

Nicknamed ‘Dwarf’s Wonderland,’ this ice cave can be found in Russia, and it was created by hot water running beneath ice fields which surrounded the Mutnovsky volcano. During the day, sunlight can illuminate the ice and turn this cave into a magical wonderland.

5Forest of Knives

Forest of Knives

Located in western Madagascar, this deadly place is also known as Tsingy forest. The area stretches almost 400,000 acres and is filled with razor-sharp limestone formations that can reach heights of over 200 feet. Some estimates say that the forest was formed over 200 million years ago and it is considered to be the largest stone forest on the planet. Even though this rocky labyrinth looks uninhabitable, the forest is home to reptiles, birds and white-legged lemurs.



For centuries, this rock formation in Greece has hosted a complex of monasteries, built on top of tall cliffs and rock pillars. Today, the area is inhabited by approximately 60 nuns and monks, and only 6 monasteries remain. Hundreds of years ago, monks built approximately 24 monasteries in this area in order to be closer to the heavens.

3Blue Lagoon



Iceland’s Blue Lagoon is a geothermal spa which is said to help with certain skin disorders. Found in a lava field, the water in this lagoon is extremely warm, rich in minerals and is believed to have healing powers.

2Playa Ostional

Playa Ostional

Costa Rica’s Ostional beach is the site of a rare wonder of nature. Many times during the year, sea turtles arrive at one specific spot on the beach to leave their eggs in the sand. Thousands come ashore and stay on the beach for a couple of days, leaving around 10 million eggs. The biggest number of turtles was recorded in 1995 when 500,000 turtles arrived on the shore.



Pantanal, the largest wetland area in the world, is found in Brazil, and it covers over 70,000 sq mi. Every year, Pantanal’s plains get flooded, creating an incredible ecosystem filled with aquatic plants and animals. The protected area is home to incredible creatures such as the giant anteater and the capybara as well as many others.