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Greece and its many islands represent one of the most popular destinations in the world. This country will provide you with the chance to enjoy beautiful beaches, but also see many ancient monuments since they have a rich ancient culture as one of the oldest civilizations in Europe.

In addition to the many beautiful islands, we have to single out Rhodes as one of the greatest attractions. This islands’ location is near Turkey in the Aegean Sea. Also, it is one of the second biggest after Crete. You can enjoy many amazing beaches and resorts in this place. However, since it is an island far away from any bigger city in Greece, and it is complicated to get there with your car, we advise you to use some rent-a-car service there for the best experience. You should check, where you can find the list of official car-renting companies in Rhodes.

It would be best to get a car while you are on Rhodes since you will be able to check out every place that this place has to offer. And Rhodes can offer a lot. Here are the top 7 attractions that you have to visit when you go on a vacation on this amazing island.

1. Mandraki

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Mandraki is a modern city on the island, and it is unique for statues of deer on pillars, that were built on the same location where the great statue of Colossus was until it got destroyed by an earthquake more than 2 thousand years ago. Also, there are other famous monuments like City Hall, National Theatre of Rhodes, Bank of Greece, and the Archbishop’s Palace. Moreover, you can visit the Pythian Temple of Apollo, Theatre, and Stadium, which all heritage of antic Greece.

On the other side, there are also modern shops, restaurants, malls like H&M and Zara. Also, the city aquarium is especially interesting to take children there. Also, if you want to try out your luck, you can visit some of the casinos.

2. Medieval City of Rhodes

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This ancient city is under the UNESCO World Heritage protection and represents one of the best-preserved fortresses in Europe. The city was built in the 14th century, and you can enjoy walking around the 4 kilometers long fort walls.

Also, you should know that there are only pedestrian streets inside this city, and you will have to park the car somewhere outside of it. Some of the greatest attractions there are The Street of the Knights, Roloi Clock Tower, Church of Agia Aikaterini, Church of Agia Triada, Palace of the Grand Master and Knights of Rhodes, Suleiman Mosque, and the Archaeological Museum of Rhodes.

3. Kamiros

The Ancient site of Kamiros is especially recommended to people who are interested in learning more about antic history and culture. This place was found by Dorians, and it consists of three main parts. These parts are Temple and Foric fountain, second is many old houses, and the third is the Temple of Athena and Acropolis with the location at the top of the hill in Kamiros.

The ticket for a visit tour is 6 Euros, and you will have a guide that will further introduce you to these places, and what was their purpose in ancient times. Besides that, you could enjoy some of the amazing viewpoints from the top of the hill, and photographers love this place because of that.

4. Many Castles in Rhodes

Besides the medieval city and fortress, you should also visit many other castles that are a combination of ancient times and middle ages architecture. Most of these castles were built by Order of Knights of Saint John. These castles are Monolithos Castle, Castle of Archangelos, Kritinia Castle, Feraklos, and the castle of Asklipio.

5. Valley of the Butterflies

If you visit Rhodes between June and September, you will have a chance to enjoy the amazing natural wonder, the rise of butterflies. During this time, there are thousands of butterflies covering very trees and plants. The reason why is there so much of them is the climate of this region, which is perfect for their reproduction. The Natural History Museum has a separate part dedicated to butterflies.

6. Lindos Village

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This village is about one hour away from the city of Rhodes, and it represents another archeological monument, which you could see on many postcards from this island. This village is only for pedestrians, and you must park your car outside of it. While you are walking through this place, you can see how people lived here thousands of years ago.

The most attractive structure in Lindos is the huge Acropolis and the fact that by the Greek urban plan, everyone is forbidden from building any construction that would block the view on Acropolis, makes it even more impressive. On top of Acropolis, there is a monument dedicated to the Greek goddess Athena.

7. Best Beaches in Rhodes

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While ancient culture and architecture are interesting for many, the main reason why Rhodes is so popular is its amazing sandy beaches and crystal clear water. The island is surrounded by beaches and resorts, and you won’t make a mistake by choosing any of these.

When it comes to the beaches, we will recommend some of the best ones. The beach Tsambika is the best if you are traveling there with children since there are water parks and other interesting activities. If you seek privacy, you can visit Saint Paull’s Bay. However, if you love the crowd and many people around you, the Faliraki beach is one of the most popular among tourists, and it is always hard to find a spot for a towel here.

Furthermore, for more adventurous people, you can go on windsurfing at the Prasonisi beach, which is a place where Aegean and the Mediterranean Sea separate from each other. For meeting local people, and finding a place with more natural ambient, visit Agathi beach. Also, if you are looking for a nice restaurant near the sea, you should visit Vlicha beach. Our recommendation is to try famous Greek Gyros and Tzatziki salad.