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CBD is great for your entire family, and now it’s time for your pet to reap the benefits of it too. Consumers have been swearing by CBD since marijuana was legalized in the US back in 2014 for the first time. It helps greatly with pain relief and anxiety. However, you should know that CBD still remains categorized as Schedule 1 according to the DEA. In July 2018, states legalized it for use within their own states. Furthermore, in order to get CBD for your pet, you need to start the conversation with your vet, since they have been overlooked in the majority of state laws. The truth is that hemp can help your pet as much as it can help you.

The basics

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CBD, or cannabidiol, has all the therapeutic properties without containing THC, the compound that will get you high. Many pet owners are giving CBD products to their pets mixing it into their food in the form of the oil or as treats. The benefits of this hemp-derived product have not been well documented in pets, but the pet owners took it upon themselves, since most of our pets are mammals too, to administer it to their furry friends. If it works for your wellbeing then it must be good for your pooch too, right?

Talk with your vet

Remember, you have to be the one to start the conversation about CBD with your vet. Then, and only then, they can give you advice, or warn you of potential harm to your pet. If you don’t get enough information, push further and ask for a second opinion, just like you would if any of your family members was ailing. In general, CBD can help with many health issues that your furry friend might have. Admittingly, there haven’t been many studies about the health benefits in animals, but the majority of vets have seen it first-hand. They all agree that is helps with the wide array of health problems, from arthritis, minor injuries to cancer.

Choose carefully

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Cannabis for pets is not regulated properly, it can be difficult for pet owners to decide what kind of product is best for their beloved animal. Read the ingredients carefully, and make sure that that the pet product has been made in safe and high-quality facilities. Do not give your pet products that are made for human consumption, since some ingredients can be toxic or lethal.

So, stick with oil and treats specially designed for animals, and pay attention that they don’t have any THC. Well, you can easily find some high-quality dog treats at CBDClinicals.

CBD tinctures for animals are actually high-potent hemp seed oils that you administer to your pet with a dropper. However, some dogs and cats refuse to take them, or won’t eat the food that has some CBD drops in it. That’s where treats come in. This is the easiest, and most fun, way to help out your pet with hemp-based relief. The treats like the one from InTuneCBD, are delicious and natural-made. These bite-sized edibles will make your dog asking for more, and at the same time, it will make your job easier.


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CBD’s benefits are most likely indefinite and we are yet to discover them. What we know so far is that pets, especially dogs, have enormous benefits on their wellbeing including but not limited to anxiety, appetite, seizures, arthritis, and cancer.

Arthritis is characteristic of large breeds and can be a difficult thing to deal with. There is no cure for it, but you can help your pet to feel more comfortable. When their joint tissue disintegrates, and the joints begin to rub off of each other, your dog can be in immense pain. CBD does not cure it, of course, but it does ease the suffering. This will allow your pet to add a little spring in its step.

Now, seizures are something every pet parent is petrified of. With a good reason. They not only look scary, but can actually damage the brain of your pet and, in some cases, cause death. CBD helps to reduce the frequency of these events, as well as their severity.
Cats and dogs often suffer from anxiety. Just about anything can be a trigger, from crowded places and loud noises, to simply changing their bed or their eating bowl.

Sometimes it can transform the pet from being a loving furry bundle to an aggressive and scary animal. This distress can be very well managed with CBD that shoots to their brains giving them calming, soothing sensation. Relieving your cat or a dog from worry can give you peace of mind.

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Some pets, dogs, in particular, express their feeling through decreased appetite. When your pet is not eating enough, or not at all, he is depriving his body of the essential nutrients, making him lethargic. Also, sometimes losing appetite can be a side effect of some other drugs your pet is taking for various health issues, and eating right could be vital for getting him, or her, on their own four paws. It’s been shown that CBD has an immense influence on the digestive system, getting their metabolism back in shape and improving their appetite.

Cancer is one word you never want to hear from your vet when it comes to any living being you so dearly love. Unfortunately, it happens all the time, and it always comes like the enemy you never anticipated. Up until recently, all you can do is make your pet a little bit more comfortable while waiting for them to pass. There is some good news here, too! CBD has been proven to stop the growth of cancerous cells. Now, you have to be realistic, and read this twice if needed: CBD does not cure cancer. But it can stop it from causing further damage to healthy cells, and therefore buy some time for ailing pets to fight for their lives.

If your pet is going through some rough patches in their lives, CBD might be a way to help them out. Always talk to your vet first, those people love animals as much as you do, and together you can find the best solution for your darling.