Does your dog get bored easily? Do they eat too quickly? A dog treats puzzle toy may be the solution you’ve been looking for.

There are puzzle bowls on the market to slow eating, but they don’t always work. If the grooves are the incorrect size, your dog may still be able to eat too quickly or they may get frustrated and flip the toy over to get the kibble out. Some dogs even learn how to eat quickly despite the design of the bowl.

A puzzle toy like our Fenrir Hammer functions a little differently. We recommend filling the Fenrir Hammer with your dog’s favorite treats and freezing it. Your dog will be unable to spill their food on the floor and no matter what, they won’t be able to get big mouthfuls. However, it won’t be frustrating enough when they try to cheat the system or give up.

These types of toys are designed to be fun to play with, so they make the perfect slow feeder.

A Dog Treat Puzzle Toy can Help Prevent Bloat

Bloat is caused when a dog’s stomach fills quickly with large quantities of food, air, or liquid. By slowing how quickly they eat, you can slow their intake of food and prevent them from swallowing excessive amounts of air.

Simply place their kibble in the head of the hammer and as they shake and toss the toy around, it will dispense a few pieces of food at a time for them to pick up.

They get a reward while playing, but also are forced to slow down in their eating because they have to work for their food. They have to stop to dispense more kibble to eat.

A Dog Treat Puzzle Toy Can Help Prevent Boredom

A tired dog is a good dog and a happy one.

Mental stimulation is just as important as physical play when it comes to exercise. It can even be more exhausting than physical play.

Have you ever left your dog alone for a few minutes only to find they’ve decided to chew up your shoes or grabbed something off of the coffee table? Have they ever tried to get into the cupboard or container where you keep their food?

They’re probably bored and need a job to do. Unfortunately, if your dog doesn’t have a job, they will give themselves one. This is especially true of working breeds.

They love to do things and complete tasks. As their owner, you must give them tasks to complete.

A dog treat puzzle toy is the perfect solution. It’ll give them a job and they get a tasty reward out of it.

You don’t just have to stuff it with kibble either. You can use wet food, something sticky like peanut butter, or a combination of a few of their favorites and then freeze it.

Ideally, you’ll want to do this overnight, but we recommend at least thirty minutes. It’ll keep them busy for hours and keep them from getting bored.