Marijuana is becoming very popular in the United States, with a large chunk of the states having it down as decriminalized or legal. But it’s popularity stems from the fact that even politicians make it their campaign goal to legalize marijuana products in their states or cities.

Politicians have come to the conclusion that if marijuana is legal, then there would be a safe way for the public to consume it and a way to eliminate illegal trafficking on the streets.

But this isn’t some plant that people like to get high on. As a matter of fact, thanks to the compound in marijuana called CBD, a person can enjoy a lot of benefits by consuming this plant.

But the real struggle for manufacturers comes in the form of advertisement. Namely, Google doesn’t really appreciate people advertising their products on their platform; it’s quite safe to say that very few people have come across cannabis ads.

There are far more roadblocks than just Google’s stance on the plant. But despite all that, manufacturers and sellers of cannabis products still find a way to do it.

This article isn’t an endorsement for the use of cannabis or cannabis-related product. This article will only serve as an explanation o the various types out there.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

6Cannabis Oil


Oil from the plant can be manufactured in many, many, forms. While this is not the most popular way to consume it, it is if you are looking to consume CBD. CBD is the compound that carries the health benefits, while THC is the compound that we all know to give you the feeling of high.

Cannabis oils can be manufactured with large or small amounts of THC, depending on what you’re buying. But it is one of the most popular ways to consume it.

CBD rich cannabis oil can help numb the effects of many conditions such as epilepsy, pain, anxiety, depression, nausea, chronic pains, and many more.

The two most popular ways to consume cannabis oil is by eighter vaping or tinctures.

5Cannabis Skin & Beauty Products


Marijuana products have found their place into the skin & beauty industry, with numerous companies using this opportunity to offer something different to their customers.

Since CBD has been discovered to have anti-inflammatory properties, it can be an excellent product for treating acne. Apart from being heavily marketed as pain relievers, marijuana products can also be used to take care of our skin by keeping it nice and hydrated and fight acne.

4Cannabis Beverages


Although beverages containing the plant aren’t as popular as the previous two mentioned products, people are still experimenting and looking to expand into this new venue.

As of currently, weed-infused cocktails are the beverages that people have access to. While certain laws prevent consuming these beverages in some states, it is completely legal in others.

Although these beverages contain a small amount of THC and a greater amount of CBD, it’s still baffling to say that we can drink weed.

3Cannabis Chocolates


Weed muffins and brownies have been the best way to get high ever since we know about marijuana. Chocolates and edibles are great since they don’t require you to smoke it, but the baking process can reek of weed.

But, with all that said, edibles are some of the most widely marketed marijuana products, and they are some of the most common products that you’ll find in a dispensary.

Edibles contain a high amount of THC, and they are very potent. They can keep you high for lots of hours, and that’s the whole point of it.

Other edibles include gummy bears, candy, treats, and many more that have become sort of a trend recently.

Not all states allow the usage of recreational marijuana. Some only allow it for medicinal usage, which can be a real bummer. So, to help solve your problem, head over to to get your medicinal marijuana card if you happen to live in a state where recreational use is illegal.

2Cannabis Capsules


Capsules are also meant to be orally consumed, but they are quite different than edibles. As you all know, capsules contain the medicine in them, and you can even open the capsule to see what’s inside.

Capsules are a great option for those that cannot stand the smell or taste of weed but want to get the job done anyway. They are becoming increasingly popular recently, with them becoming a highly sought-after product in weed dispensaries.

So, if you cannot stand the smell of marijuana or the taste of it, then why not get yourself some marijuana capsules.

1Dog Treats


Are you surprised to see this one? Don’t be as modern medicine also applies to our canine friends. Our dogs suffer from the very same disorders that we do. They also feel pain, and they can also be depressed, sad, or anxious just like us.

Our canine friends require the same level of attention and help that we need. They might be there for us when we are in a hard time, but we also must be there for them whenever they are in a bad place.

And, like us, they can reap the benefits of cannabis products. Dog treats are CBD-high marijuana products that contain a very, extremely, small trace of THC.

This product isn’t meant to get our dogs high, but rather help them with chronic illnesses, depression, anxiety, etc.

You shouldn’t be surprised at this as there has been a lot of research on how we can treat our dogs with cannabis. Also, a lot of politicians have introduced bills that allow the usage of marijuana-infused dog treats.

But, we mentioned it before and we will mention it again. THC is not good for your pets, hence why these products contain a very small amount of it. So, if you’re getting your dog marijuana-infused doggy treats, make sure that the traces of THC are extremely small. To be sure about this, contact your veterinarian for more information.