In the last couple of years, we noticed a significant increase in CBD usage. Many people, all around the world are willing to try this natural compound since it comes with so many great benefits for the overall person’s organism. In addition to the fact that it is completely natural, it is worth mentioning that it is also a completely safe compound. It helps people with a wide range of different health conditions and diseases.

For instance, people are using it for chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety, and stress reduction, for chemotherapy side effects, etc. Now, you can find on the market so many different forms of CBD products. This is great since people can choose the product that best suits their taste. Some of the CBD products forms are capsules, oils, food, vaping oils, creams, etc. If you are interested to find out more about different types of CBD, you can check a wide range of options.

Marijuana and hemp buds


Now, it is important to define what marijuana and hemp represent since many people are getting confused when it comes to their differences. In general, both of these plants come from the same family and genus. However, hemp is classified as cannabis. It contains less than 0,3% of THC which means that you can not get high if you decide to consume it.

Hemp buds often contain a high amount of Cannabidiol – CBD which is very beneficial as we said for the overall organism of the person. It calms the person completely. If you are not sure whether your buds are hemp or marijuana, you can test them in the lab and find out. However, if you more for the option to learn on your own how to differ them, you will find more details about this in the guide that we prepared for you. So, let’s see some tips on how you can make the judgment on your own.

You need to check and examine important physical features


1. Seek a light shade of red or purple to find hemp buds

In general, as you know both marijuana and hemp buds are mostly green, there is one detail that many people do not know about. More precisely, hemp buds are having a shade of red or light purple color. Those buds with dark purple color stand for marijuana. In most cases it is impossible to be completely sure what type of plant is based only on this type of physical characteristics, however, it can give some type of direction.

2. Pay attention to see if the buds have small and crystallized hairs on them

There are small crystallized hairs that grow only on the outside of the cannabis flowers and the hairs are called trichomes. You can notice them with the naked eye, however, you can use a magnifying glass to zoom them. In case you notice that there are a lot of trichomes on the buds, you can be sure that those buds represent hemp. This is because this special crystallized hair indicates the potency of the CBD in the plant. Therefore, more trichomes will stand for a higher CBD level.

3. Check for the skinny leaves growing on the cannabis

One more thing that you should look for is referred to the plant leaves. More precisely, you should know that marijuana leaves come with five to nine clustered leaflets, that are skinnier. On the other hand, if you see that buds are having thin, serrated, and spindly leaves, you can be sure that you are looking at the hemp plant.

4. Check for fewer branches or leaves below the top part of the plant

After examining the leaves of the plant, you can go further. In case you see a bush or shrub shape plant, you should know that you are looking at marijuana. On the other hand, hemp plants are keeping their branches and leaves near the top of the plant. So, if the leaves are near the top of the plant and they are clustered in that area, you are having a hemp plant.

5. You should know that the hemp plant is approximately 20 feet (6.1 m) tall

One more indicator that will tell you that the plant is hemp is if it is tall around 20 feet. Most marijuana plants are growing into a shrub shape as we mentioned previously, so they are not so tall. In fact, they are closer to the ground. Therefore, if you see that the plant is having long stalk and deep roots, you should know that this is a clear indicator that it is a hemp plant.

You should also examine the chemical composition of the plant


Seek for CBD products to indicate hemp buds

One more tip that you should be aware of is that CBD products and marijuana are consumed in different ways. For instance, marijuana buds are mostly smoked or used as a foom. On the other hand, hemp buds are usually in different products and forms, as we talked about in the beginning. Therefore, even though there is some chance that some products are containing marijuana buds, it is a higher chance that they contain hemp buds because of the high CBD level. However, every time you want to purchase some product you should read the content on the back to ensure what you are buying.

Ask about the THC and CBD content to see if they’re hemp buds

In case you are a grower, you can ask a seller about the THC and the CBD content of the buds you are buying. So, if they have less than 0,3% of THC in them, they are hemp buds. On the contrary, if the THC level is high, you are talking about marijuana plants. They commonly contain from 5% to 20% of THC in them. This will clarify to you what type of plant you are going to purchase. If you are still not sure, you always have the guaranteed and safe option of sending the buds to a lab and getting a chemical test.