Pizza, as we know it today, was created between the 18 and 19th century in Naples, and it was inspired by flatbread meals with toppings that were a popular dish even in ancient history.

In the US, the first pizzeria was opened in 1905 and the delicious combination of cheese, dough and sauces has since become a staple around the entire world. Everyone loves this classic food, but not everyone is familiar with these 5 weird and interesting things about pizza.

5World’s Largest



Moontower Pizza Bar in Burleson, Texas, recently broke the world record for the largest commercially available pizza in the world. The size of their pizza, named The Bus, is 8′ by 2′ 8.” The enormous pie is definitely enough for a whole party, but if you’re serious about it, you need to order it two days in advance. The Bus only has one topping and will set you back around $300.

4Made by Robots

Made by Robots

Zume Pizza is a company from California that uses robot workers to make their pies. In 2016, the company started a new method of cooking the pizzas en route during the delivery. The pizzas are cooked in a van with automated ovens and a robot that slices the dough and spreads the sauce.

3The Perfect Pizza according to Math



Eugenia Cheng is a mathematician who thought of a formula which would reveal the perfect size for a whole pizza. Cheng published her paper, named ‘On the perfect size for a pizza,’ and concluded that the crust is perhaps the most important thing when it comes to a good pizza.

She found out that smaller pies are much tastier because they contain more toppings, but larger pies have a better balance between toppings and the dough. PizzaExpress, a UK chain, funded her work and in the end concluded that most customers go for a thinner crust and tend not to think too much about the math behind it.

2Self-Driving Delivery

Self-Driving Delivery

Ford and Domino’s Pizza have partnered up to make a hybrid car which would deliver pizzas without a driver. During the testing, it was concluded that the car was safe and was not a hazard to pedestrians.

After one year, the car started delivering pizzas in Miami and Ford are looking to expand the experiment with thousands of self-driving cars on the streets in the near future.

1$1,000 Pizza

$1,000 Pizza

In a place called Nino’s in NYC, you can order the Bellisima Pizza which costs $1,000 and has over $800 worth of caviar on it. It has six kinds of caviar as well as a Maine lobster that they put on top of their finished masterpiece.

The pizza was created by Nino, the owner of the restaurant, who said that many famous guests have visited his place, such as Clint Eastwood, Hilary Duff, and James Gandolfini.