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If you’re a food photographer and dreaming of getting your work out there, then you have to start looking at your options.

Unknown to a lot of people, there is a market for food photography in Dubai. However, it isn’t as publicized as other styles of photography. Hence, you might need to carry out some research to navigate and get these opportunities.

Fortunately, there are a few already known ways you could try. They are;

5Food Blogging

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Blogging is probably the first thing that should come to your mind if you want to monetize food photography. Food blogging can fetch you quite a huge income over time. There are several ways you can make money via food blogging.

You can decide to dabble in creating sponsored posts for brands, as well as, social media campaigns. You can achieve this by photographing food recipes and posting them in your blog.

Another way to work closely with brands is to create content for them and have them publish that content on their website, all whilst being credited for the work. If the brand in question is something of notable size, being credited on one of their posts could be huge for your food blogging career.

Another option is creating content for brands using your food photographs and it is published on their site. You can, also create e-cookbooks and sell it via platforms like amazon.

It’s safe to say that food blogging is the best long-term strategy that will pay out if you’re really the person who you say you are. The more your blog grows, the more brands related to your niche will get in touch with you to collaborate. The more you collaborate with brands, the more you grow as a brand yourself. The more you grow the more traffic you get on your food blog, and the circle repeats.

4Editorial Opportunities

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Although a lot of food photographers are usually freelancers and independent, there are a few opportunities in large corporations. Most times, food magazines and websites like The New York Times require the services for editorial shoots. Editorial photography is different than commercial photography. The difference in both usually lies in the amount of money you’ll be paid. Commercial photography pays way more than editorial, but the main advantage with editorial comes in the form of creative expression and a nice credit line at the bottom of the photo. Editorial food photography opportunities can be awesome for creating a portfolio. Since you’ll be the owner of the photograph, hence the credit line, you can add the photo to your portfolio to show it to various companies for commercial food-related work.

Food photographers in Dubai such as The Photography Co, are hired to capture amazing photos for publications like reviews. Editorial photo shoots for food photographers are great because they act as a marketing tool for you to promote your expertise.

3 Selling Through Stock Agencies

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Stock agencies are arguably the best ways for anyone to get images without worrying about copyright issues. This is probably the most common thing you’ll hear in food photography, as many photographers opt for this method of monetizing their food photos. You can leverage this opportunity by selling your photos to stock agencies. Stock agencies are websites on the internet that every digital marketer spends most of his time. When selling your food photos through stock agencies, do know that everything is automated once your image is up for sale.

There are so many stock agencies you could choose to sell your photos to; Getty images, Stock Food, Shutterstock and Adobe Stock. Selling your pictures on these platforms are great because you really don’t need to do a lot of work.

However, to sell your food images, they need to be out there. With so many people competing for relevant keywords in the food photography industry, you need to find a way for people to discover your photos. The best way to do it, however, is to practice SEO. But, there is another hiccup as most of these stock agencies have different SEO systems. Stock agencies operate differently, so the SEO requirements from one stock agency will not be the same as another.

2Commercial Photography

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Several brands have found that marketing the visuals of their brands is faster in the digitized world that we live in now. High-quality pictures are what fuels social media engagement and prompts clients to purchase their products. Hence, food photographers and food photography, in general, can get numerous gigs to capture commercial pictures. A photographer will reach the height of his career when he frequently gets called for commercial shots. If you’re new to the business, try looking for jobs with local restaurants in your location. While this might not be easy at the begging, since it does require to show a hefty portfolio, it will certainly make you the most money.

Commercial photography is the best way for brands to improve their online presence with amazing pictures. Brands are in need of people to shoot food photos, so we recommend you to have a look at The Photography Co’s website in Dubai, they have great food photography images and tips and tricks to capture the right photos.

1Create Educational Workshops

Another way you can monetize your photography skills is by organizing educational workshops. Educating people on the intricacies of creating amazing photographs can help you get more money over time.

With the options mentioned here, you can monetize your content, while engaging in your passion.