There are lots of reasons as to why you’d need the services of a notary public in Dubai. However, not all notaries are suitable for all cases.

Finding the right service provider requires a bit of planning, so we’ll show you how you can effectively seek the assistance of the right notary, depending on your needs and requirements.

What’s the role of notaries?


A notary public is an entity that is certified in witnessing the signing of legal documents that require extra precautions in assuring their legitimacy. Notarizing a document is often a requirement for government paperwork, court documents, as well as certain business and bank transactions. Mortgage, divorce, and business contracts are the other documents that need to be notarized by a notary public in Dubai.

However, the primary role of a public notary is actually more complex. Notaries are responsible for verifying identification and assuring clients to understand the documents that they are signing.

A public notary helps in preventing cases of fraud as well as lawsuits by parties that are regretful, raising claims that they were not able to provide proper consent as to what was signed and on other potential issues legal-wise.

How can I find a public notary in Dubai?

There are different ways to locating a notary; you simply need to find out where to start looking for one. Fortunately, there’s a lot of ways and places for you to search for notaries, such as:

  1. Asking a bank – a bank typically offers notarial services, often for free if clients have accounts with them;
  2. Asking your workplace – a lot of companies in Dubai employ administrative assistants or notaries that are able to notarize documents as they are qualified;
  3. Visiting the local library – a library can offer notarial services free of charge or for a low cost. Take note: not all libraries offer the services of a notary public in Dubai. however, even if the local library does not, it may have guides in finding a public notary which will help greatly in your search;
  4. Asking a pharmacy – some pharmacies, as surprising as it may sound, offer notarial services;
  5. Asking your school – you may be enrolled in a university. If so, then inquire as there are schools that offer access to notaries;
  6. Searching online – public notary directories are available for public viewing. Also, a simple search in your favorite search engine for a notary public in Dubai will help you in finding one.

What should I consider when selecting the right notary public in Dubai?


When choosing between different public notaries in Dubai, there are a few important aspects that you need to keep in mind as you get started. Here are some of them:


Figure out the office where the public notary operates in Dubai before you agree in obtaining notarial services. It would be best if you opt for the best notary that is closest to you or in near proximity in order for you to lower the travel time.

Seeking the assistance of a public notary that’s located at a different city can be a waste of resources, particularly if you are made to follow up on meetings. A fast search on online maps as well as with a GPS device can show you how close you are to a notary service in Dubai.

However, you should remember that what is closest to you may not be the best choice. Location is simply one of the aspects that you should consider if you are going to find the best notarial services in the region.

2Qualifications of the notary public

Examine the qualifications of the public notary in Dubai that you want to hire in order to make sure that they are the perfect match in addressing your requirements. A lot of public notaries in Dubai exhibit their credentials, as well as specialization fields online with their service descriptions and websites. This can be an excellent starting point in making your decision.

In the event that you require a notary public for a specific set of legal documents, you’re probably going to require the help of a notary public with a skilled background. Evaluate the qualifications of the notary public as it can lower the possibility of errors in terms of the execution of notarial services. Doing your homework can also help ensure you have a smooth experience in acquiring the assistance you need.

3Notarial service fees


Notary services are often not provided for free. So, there is a need to make sure that you know how much you will be spending for a notarial service. Before you agree to paying for a service, ask how much it will cost you.

Dubai has a cap on how much notaries are able to charge legally for their services. It’s essential as well for you to not seek the lowest price for services as it may mean you are not getting the best customer service.

There are public notaries that are lawfully permitted in providing convenience to clients through mobile services. What this means is that documents that need notarization or attestation may be claimed from your very own home and then delivered when they’ve completed the required processes. Mobile services may entail additional costs for the delivery, but they’re preferred by residents of Dubai for the convenience.


You should make sure you will be able to reach your chosen notary public in Dubai through email, phone, or chat services. Otherwise, we suggest you select another one with better customer service.

If you have issues and you want to raise them with the notary in Dubai that you have hired, then you would want the service provider to address your issues through the most convenient means.

There are plenty of notaries in Dubai that are experienced and they acknowledge how valuable open communication is with clients. They set to focus on being accessible to all of their customers. It is, therefore, advised that you find the notarial service provider that makes itself accessible and reachable.

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