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If you need a creative way to transform your lounge, consider putting up a home video wall. Video walls are composed of high-quality screens that are put together to form a bigger screen. Combining smaller screens to form a bigger one provides a lot of design variety; home video walls can be larger, smaller, or even oddly-shaped depending on the needs of the space.

Almost any kind of screen can be used in a video wall, from LCD to LED (or even the new OLED), to rear projection screens and direct view LED panels. While these screens may initially seem more appropriate for newsrooms, studios, or bars, they also work well with home interior designs. A home video wall can add a little extra excitement to your lounge with a high-tech, unusual touch.

Installing a home video wall makes your lounge the best place for entertaining your guests. Home video walls deliver a familiar effect (a large screening area for movies and TV) in an unfamiliar way. And while the idea may sound complicated, using multiple smaller screens instead of one larger one makes them lightweight and easier to install and dismantle.

We’ll walk you through some of the other ways in which a home video wall is a vast improvement over a single TV, and why you should consider upgrading today.

1. High-definition images

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Home video walls deliver an advanced resolution. Use HD screens in your setup, and you’ll be able to see every detail of your favorite movies and shows. Switch to HD screens, and you’ll never even think about switching back. Build your home video wall with LED or LCD screens with a high pixel ratio. Having a home video wall with a high-definition makes your lounge the best place to watch movies. You can easily start to recreate the look of a big theatre, all by taking advantage of the flexibility the multiple screens offer.

2. Easy to install and maintain

Because you’re dealing with several smaller video screens rather than one larger one, home video walls are actually much easier to install on your own. There’s no need to deal with a single, giant, cumbersome screen.

In addition, using numerous smaller screens makes home video walls easier to repair and upgrade. If one screen breaks, you will be able to replace it without replacing the entire video wall. This works well for upgrades, also – you can upgrade screen by screen.

3. Superior user experience

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Home video walls are statement pieces, as well as entertainment pieces. When done correctly, they provide the focal point for your room and also a top-notch entertainment area. Modern, high-end screens can be joined almost seamlessly, with few distracting lines or margins to take away from the overall effect. You and your guests will feel like you’ve been transported to your own personal movie theater, all from the comfort of your own lounge.

4. Highly durable

You may think, “Why go with a video wall? Why not just use a projector?” Part of the answer is durability. Projectors can be prone to overheating and bulb burn out after extended use, while even high-end TV screens are capable of nearly-constant use. There are no worries about a projector burning out mid-movie and none of the difficulties of figuring out where to mount the projector itself (the back of the room? Suspended from the ceiling?). Just calculate where you’d put your normal TV, and then size things accordingly.

5. Design versatility

Home video walls are highly adaptable. They can be paired with mid-century modern interiors, rustic farmhouse designs, and of course chic high-end industrial layouts. Whatever your overall vision for your home’s decor, you can find a video wall to match.

Video walls are also easy to fit into an existing room. Because there’s no standard size, you can make your video wall as large or small as you need to, helping it fit in with any room. Have a room with slightly lower ceilings? Create a video wall that’s a bit longer than normal, and watch movies in cinematic mode. Or perhaps your lounge is large and airy with a vaulted ceiling; you can build an oversize video wall that fills the space and draws the eye.

It isn’t surprising that more and more designers and homeowners are turning to video walls for their lounges and living areas. Increased durability and the ability to find truly high-end screens for your video walls make them highly appealing. Perhaps most importantly, lounge video walls are only limited by the designer’s creativity and ambition. Any size, any configuration is possible. You just need to decide exactly where your new video wall needs to go in order to completely transform your lounge. Read more about this on Userful.