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Solar panels are gaining popularity lately more and more because it is the perfect way of reducing the energy bills and not worrying about the fluctuations in electricity prices. Besides, it is a way to protect the planet from carbon emissions. When they were first introduced on the market, their prices were very high which prevented people to install them since it is a large investment in the beginning.

However, the price has been dropping, and now it is much more affordable. Besides, the users get their investment back through the savings in the energy bills over the years, so it is truly worth the effort. Here are some things that you need to know to be able to make an informed decision.

1. Learn how solar panels work

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This is the first step, so you can fully understand if that is the right step for you. The energy used from solar panels is generated from solar energy. If you are wondering what happens when it is not so sunny and the weather is cloudy, you shouldn’t worry about that. The direct sunlight is not necessary, they don’t generate the heat, but the light.

Once the energy is generated, it gets converted to the alternative current which means that you can easily use it at home for everything that you need. The extra energy generated gets stored into the grid, and it can then be used during the night or the periods when you need more electricity than usual.

Also, it is necessary to choose the right type of solar panels that will suit your lifestyle.

There are solar thermal and solar electric solar panels to choose from. If you opt for solar electricity, you should know that there are a few types as well. Solar thermal panels are usually chosen for water heating, but there are the ones for the space heating as well.

2. Check the roof suitability

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The best option is to place the solar panels on the roof that is facing the south. However, that is not an obstacle if it is not. The solar panels will function well even if your roof is facing west or east. In addition, the biggest efficiency is achieved with the roof angle of 30-35 degrees. Make sure you remove all the objects that may be in the way of proper functioning such as branches or anything else that may be in the way. It is necessary to ensure that the solar panels will have their full efficiency.

In case you live in a tiny house, which is becoming a trend lately, according to Absolute Tiny Houses, you should check whether your roof is large enough for solar panel installation. The good news is that one would most likely be enough to supply you with hot water, considering the size of the house.

3. Get familiar with the maintenance costs

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You should know that there is no need for some huge maintenance. In cases when something gets on the solar panels that you believe will be in the way of proper functioning, you can use a hose and simply wash everything easily. That is basically the only maintenance necessary, so once you install them, you will be able to utilize them for the next 25 years. However, the warranty on the inverter lasts much shorter, usually 5-10 years. It is advisable to have the company who installed the system check everything every five years, just to make sure that everything is working properly.

4. Choose an experienced company

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With the popularization of solar panels, numerous companies started installing them. However, it is necessary to check the reputation and the experience of the company to make sure that they will be able to do the job correctly and that they will be able to answer all your questions so you can be carefree once it is done. If you are interested to find out what can a company offer to you and what can you expect, check out Harness Power. If the company has plenty of satisfied customers and numerous installations performed, you can be sure that you will be happy with the installation too, and that you won’t have to worry about anything.

5. Have realistic expectations about the price

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People usually try to find the cheapest option for solar panel installation. However, cheaper usually means lower quality, so it is necessary to have realistic expectations and do your research. Find out more about all the offers available and choose the one that is the most appropriate for you. You should know that the entire investment will be returned to you over the years through savings in electricity bills, so it is truly cost-effective. It is also necessary to find the solar panels that are certified because that means that the solar panels have been tested properly and that they are made by the advertised specifications.

6. Solar Panel Benefits

It is necessary to get familiar with all the benefits of installing solar panels, so you are absolutely sure that the decision you are making is the right one. Besides reducing the energy bills, the impact on the environment will also be reduced, and you will be pretty independent. You won’t depend on the mercy of the electricity companies and their prices.

These were some of the main things you will need to think about when it comes to installing solar panels. It is necessary to plan ahead and realistically assess the needs of your family, so you won’t have to change anything in the near future as that may increase your expenses. There are also some incentives for installing solar panels that some governments give, so it is necessary to get familiar with that in advance, because it may be very helpful.

Check here for more to see if the local regulations are anything that you need to pay attention to. It is necessary to ask about everything you want to know, so you are fully aware of the entire process before the installation process actually starts. One thing is for sure – solar panels are the future since they preserve our planet and utilize natural resources in the best way possible. Once you get fully familiar with each step of the installation process and the prices, you can get to the installation and the pure enjoyment after.