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Lots of thoughts go behind choosing the doors, when we build new homes, or while doing the renovations. It is important to choose the right type of doors for our homes, as they are an important part of our home security. In addition to giving us security, they also improve the aesthetics or beauty of our homes.

In the past, we used to have doors made of solid wood or metal. These days there are many new types of doors available to improve our home interiors. Among the many available types, bifold doors have become the most popular for modern-day construction. They are used extensively in home renovations as well.

Bi-fold doors – What are they?

As the term suggests, the door has multi-panels that can fold up and touch the wall while you walk openly. Most of the modern houses in urban regions have these doors. They look simply awesome and blend well with the stylish interiors of the place. Well placed bi-fold doors add to the glamour of your homes.

In simple words, they are the sliding folding doors that allow a full view through the frame. They offer the advantage of having long door frames, or even 10 meters in width. They are sometimes even referred to as the stacking doors, as a set of hinges connects them.

These doors’ smooth functioning is supported by steel frames that help to slide, fold, or stack the panels against the wall. The only difference here, when compared to the sliding doors, is that these Bi-folding doors allow for complete view through the entire frame. The sliding doors will still block some of the passageways, and they need more sliding ribs to accommodate more panels.

There are different kinds of bi-folding doors available to choose from, as per your custom needs and budget.

Here is a list of different bi-folding doors

  • Room dividers – It aids in dividing a big space or a hall into two rooms or partitions. Gone are the days when you had to build a wall to create two rooms from a single big room or hall. Few panels can remain fixed, while few of them can fold to give access through the partition. Alternatively, you can also have wall-to-wall Bi-folding doors to make a fully removable partition.
  • Concertina bi-folding doors or closet doors – This is totally a trendy way to build closets or walk-in wardrobes. It fits where the space is quite limited, unlike the sliding door systems of two panels, where they don’t open fully. It looks more stylish than full sliding wardrobe doors. The number of panels of the doors makes the difference. Basically, it will be two panels of doors; however, you can have more if space allows.
    Diverse materials are used to design these doors. For most of the strong doors, durable wood is mainly used. However, metals frames are used to support the panels. Most of the bi-folding doors are designed by using tough glass, plain glass, embossed glass, or painted glass.

Here are the benefits you can get by installing bi-fold doors:

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You can enjoy maximum natural light and air in your place. This is because most of the doors replace an opaque wall. If you place the doors in the room where the first rays of sun rays fall, there will no need for you to go out for your sunbath. You can welcome the valuable Vitamin D from sunlight, right inside your living spaces.

Your place looks bright and full of warmth, even in the colder days. In the hot summer days, you just need to choose energy-efficient reflective glass to enjoy the coolness inside, even though the heat is blazing outside.

They are the ideal solution to have maximum airflow in confined places. When the doors are folded, they occupy less space than any type of doors. You can move the full panels without needing excessive space to open them. Thus they make a good choice for small urban apartments.

You need not worry about the safety if you install these stylish bi-fold doors, as they provide complete security. You can have a safe feeling, similar to having solid wood or iron doors. The locking systems are provided at multiple points, and you have double glazed windows. The heavy-duty tracks are not easy to break or trespass.

You can open them to any width, unlike normal wooden doors. You can open one panel if it is enough to have a free flow of light and air. They fold up neatly without taking any additional space and give you decades of usage, unlike the sliding doors.

Maintaining these doors and their functioning is quite easy. You will be surprised to know that these doors are easy to clean and are truly durable. You are assured of smooth functioning for many years. The frames are usually of aluminum and UPVC material, thus stay polished, unlike wooden materials that look old in a few years.

It has the best use for people using a wheelchair for mobility. Yes, they can easily open the door easily and wheel in and out without any issue.
If you are a nature lover and like to view the surroundings and landscape, then you must surely install these kinds of doors.

Now you know why you need to opt for bifold doors in your home or workplaces. For the best results, you will need to consult with the experts. You can never go wrong if you choose reliable suppliers such as the