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House renovating is oftentimes a complex task. Why? Well simply, because there are so many things that have to be considered and analyzed in great detail with the goal of ensuring that one has made the right choices. After all, every time one buys something new and invests funds into something, they want it not only to last as long as possible but also to possess multiple benefits.

This is true for every item one chooses when doing some work of their home. However, in this article, we are going to focus on sliding doors. We are going to tell you why these are always a great investment, and also we are going to introduce you to two most popular kinds – timber and aluminum ones, and discuss both their pros and cons and hopefully, help you make a decision.

Why should you install sliding doors?

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Before we begin listing benefits and downsides of timber and aluminum sliding doors, let us provide you with the list of reasons you should get these in the first place. First of all, these can be energy efficient. How? Well depending on the material, which we are going to discuss later, these can serve as excellent insulators. This means that you will save a lot of money on heating/cooling technology because these are going to ensure that your home stays cool during summer and warm during winter months.

Secondly, surely you want to have these in order to create a flow between the inside of your house and the garden area. Usually, this is the main reason why people opt for these, but their design provides you with another benefit – they are space-saving. Since they simply glide, you won’t need any extra space and it isn’t something that you should worry about.

Lastly, there is an improved design and also maximized natural light. Surely, you want both the exterior and interior of your home to be stylish. Because of this, there are numerous designs you can choose from, to ensure that the door goes perfectly with the overall style of your house.

Timber sliding doors

Now that we have provided you with a few reasons on why you should consider getting the sliding doors, let’s discuss the first out of a few options you have. If you are already thinking about getting these and want to investigate different types and colors of wood, check out Dempsey Dyer Ltd.



Natural insulator

We have already mentioned that one of the reasons why people invest in these is the fact the sliding doors can act as insulators. Well, this is the case if you opt for these that are made of timber. As you probably know, wood is a natural insulator because it cannot be in any way affected by weather conditions. One more thing, besides being a temperature insulator, wooden ones are also great noise insulators.

Energy efficient

Due to the above-mentioned feature timber sliding doors are also energy efficient. We have already explained this, but basically, they ensure that the temperature at your home stays just as you want it.

Limitless designs

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Another great thing about installing these is that one can create them to be whatever they want. Firstly, you can choose between multiple types of wood and also colors. What’s more, since it is the wood we are talking about, one can shape it to be anything they want it to be. Plus, don’t forget that you can design one that has certain details which means that you can create a personalized door for your home. In addition, you can paint it and polish it any way you want to.


If you go with a manufacturer that uses high-quality wood, you will a few additional benefits. Obviously, they are going to last you for a long time because they will not be affected by the weather. Similarly, wooden panels cannot easily be damaged, cracked or chipped.



Still, there are some downsides to opting for these. The first one is, as you can assume, the cost. This is something to be expected at least when it comes to top-quality wood and also because of the already mentioned benefits.

Damaged by insects

Even though we have said that these are resistant to weather exposure, insects like termites can cause some serious damage if you allow it. This is something that is common for all items made of wood, so you should be extra careful and make sure to check it regularly.

Aluminum sliding doors

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The second option that we are going to tell you about is aluminum sliding doors. As you can assume, these also come with numerous advantages and disadvantages, but we are only going to mention a few of them. If you are interested in learning more, you should conduct online research.


Modern look

This might not be the most important thing, but it is the reason why most people choose these. We have already specified that the overall style of one’s home is important for many people, so if your house has that modern vibe, you should probably go with these.


So when it comes to longevity, when compared with the wooded kind, these doors cannot be damaged by moisture or various insects. In addition, aluminum is also a type of material that cannot rust or decay in any similar way.


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Aluminum sliding doors are quite cheap which makes them affordable for anyone. This is especially true when compared to those made of timber and other kinds of wood. This is extremely beneficial if you are doing major remodeling of your home and have a budget to stick to.



Moreover, this type of door does not require a lot of care. All you have to do is to clean them with a bar of soap and water, and then wipe them with a soft fabric. Still, since they can get dirty easily due to their moving parts and debris, they have to be maintained on a regular basis so this can be considered to be both a benefit and a downside.


You are probably already familiar with this characteristic, so we are not going to explain it in great detail. Basically, since these are prone to condensation, you might end up with blurry glass that cannot easily be cleaned.