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With the Halloween season, the creepy stories will begin to surface. Who hasn’t heard of an urban legend or two? Every legend can have a bit of truth it. Even if you don’t completely believe in the legend, try it out and see if you don’t get to the point where the hair on the back of your neck or arms stands up. Some of the creepiest urban legends are done behind the closed doors of the small confines of your bathroom in front of the mirror and in complete darkness.

The Blue Baby Urban Legend

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To execute this legend, you need to go into the bathroom, close the door and shut off the lights. This could possibly be enough to start the creepy factor, depending on how small your bathroom is and whether you are claustrophobic or not. The next step is to pretend that you are rocking a baby, while you chant the phrase “Blue Baby” thirteen times. They say a baby will appear and scratch you. When this happens you must drop it and run, because if you don’t a woman will appear and scream loud enough to break the glass, “Give me back my baby!” If you are still found to be holding the baby, she will kill you. Are you brave enough to rock the baby?

The Bloody Mary Urban Legend

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There are said to be two different versions of this urban legend. I am sure that either one will be enough to give you a good scare if you should be so daring enough to give them a try when you are home alone and in the darkness of night.

The back story to this legend is pretty much the same. It tells the story of a girl who was thought to be dead, but she was buried alive. When she made the effort to escape the confines of her coffin, she couldn’t get out. When the parents realized that the girl might have indeed been buried alive, they dug up her grave to see that she had tried to claw her way out of her coffin.

The first way you can have Mary come and pay a visit to you is:

On a Friday the 13th turn off all the lights in your house. Make your way to the bathroom and turn on the water in the sink, as well as, the bathtub and flush the toilet. Then, look into your mirror and “Blood Mary” five times. She may just appear in the mirror and if she does you better turn on those lights real quick or she will stab you in your back.

The second way to conjure up a visit from Mary is:

You must be alone in the dark and in front of a mirror. While you say “Bloody Mary” three times, you must turn around in place. After the third time, she will appear behind you in the mirror and scare you half to death.

I guess there is more than one way to stir up a Bloody Mary.

The Candy Man

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Be careful when asking the Candy Man to come for a visit, because if anybody can do it, the Candy Man can.

When you are in the bathroom, make sure to turn off all your lights. Look into the mirror and say the “Candy Man’s” name five times. Then you will see a pair of red glowing eyes appear staring back at you. As soon as you see those creepy eyes, you must turn on the light and run to the brightest spot in your house, because if you don’t do it, he will come through the mirror and kill you.

The Lady in White


Are you missing a loved one? Well, The Lady in White urban legend gives you a way of seeing them again.

Enter your bathroom alone and turn off the light. Turn around five times and utter the phrase “Lady in White.” Turn the opposite way and say the name of your deceased loved one. They will appear in the mirror after you say their name.

Not a bad way to catch up on old times, huh?

Now, that you know the proper ways of executing these urban legends, try them out and see if you can scare yourself enough to believe in them.