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Paying homage to the natural textures of woods and timbers, wood-look tiles can enhance and energize any interior with an abundance of freshness.

From the design perspective, the history of humanity is an account of trying to manipulate different natural materials in accordance with their needs. It began by carving out caves to turn them into safe residences and then continued on to more sophisticated methods. As expected, humans today, use a plethora of natural and manufactured materials to build their homes and other structures: woods, stones, ceramics, concretes, irons, bricks, and so on. As time passes by, more and more innovations come to the fore.

In contemporary design trends, the focus is on paying homage to nature. People have finally figured out the importance of natural textures on our wellbeing, and therefore, are increasingly receptive to such aesthetics. The introduction of innovative materials like the wood look tile from also helped to turn such practices into an indomitable trend.

Wood-look tiles can effortlessly recreate the look and feel of natural woods and timbers; while also offering the versatility and durability of porcelain stoneware. They are gorgeous, trendy, and functional at the same time – a tool to refresh and reinvigorate any interior or exterior. They are greatly versatile too and can be used for a variety of purposes.

So, in this article, we try to find out some of the most appealing characteristics of tiles that look like wood in detail.

Durable Porcelain Tiles That Look Like Wood


It took a great amount of passionate research and dedicated sourcing of materials for the manufacturing of porcelain tiles that look like wood. As you may have guessed already, these are porcelain tiles in its basics that are made using high-quality porcelain stoneware materials.

Thanks to this unique combination, it is now possible to recreate the textures of many different natural materials including woods. The use of compact porcelain slabs, on the other hand, offers a strong surface that is durable and resistant to any accidental damages. Their fireproofing nature also makes them one of the safest and sturdiest materials to be used on the floors and walls.

Also resistant to wears and tears, these tiles would keep looking anew even after years of use.

Sensory Characteristics of Wood Look Tiles

One of the key reasons behind the overwhelming popularity of wood effect tiles is their many different sensory characteristics. Woods and natural timbers have always been considered refreshing and a source of energy. A little time spent in nature is a time of utmost relief and that comes from the textures and sensations of the material.

As a result, using wood effect tiles in home furnishing can be considered the best way to bring warmth and intimacy to any human-made environment. It can dramatically change the ambiance of any space, and make it an oasis of peace and tranquillity.

Variety of Choices to Suit Particular Preferences

The natural woods offer numerous shades and textures, don’t they? The chromatic ranges found in sessile oak aren’t the same as an oak or chestnut. The natural compositional patterns of French herringbone aren’t quite the same as Hungarian point either. There are also the added varieties created through natural or artificial processing.

With a drive to offer at least as many variations as natural timber, some manufacturers have gone above and beyond to create numerous choices with different shades, hues, tactile lines, etc. Thanks to the varieties of finishes applied to the floor tiles, you can also choose from matt, glossy, and dark effect tiles. In addition to the standard sizes, these tiles can also be cut in accordance with your specifics upon requests.

Incredible Versatility of Wood Effect Tiles

As mentioned before, wood look tiles are made using non-porous, hard, and compact porcelain ceramic materials. Hence, they offer all the benefits of any high-quality porcelain tiles; including little to no water absorption rates, resistance to heat and humidity, resistance to a sudden change in temperatures, etc. Offering so many great characteristics in a sleek and trendy looking surface, these tiles can be used almost anywhere you may want.

Recreating the natural warmth of woods, these special types of porcelain stoneware tiles can effortlessly enhance living rooms, outdoor patio, kitchen floors and walls, bathrooms, hallways, and much more. So, whether you want a seamless look or a unique contrast, you can rely on the different options of wood effect tiles at ease.

Eco-friendly Solution with Easy Maintenance

The use of high-quality stoneware materials sourced sustainably from nature, wood effect tiles offer an eco-friendly solution for your homes and offices. No harmful chemicals are used in the manufacturing process, making them a safe and healthy choice for any interior too.

Another benefit of the raw materials used is their easy maintenance. They can be cleaned with any normal sweeps or brushes, and are compatible to use with any normal cleaning detergents. As they are resistant to scratches and greases; they don’t need to be cleaned as much anyway.

Final Words: A Unique Solution for a Trendy Home

Whether you are looking for porcelain tiles to furnish a new space or to refresh your previous settings, tiles that look like wood can help to give your spaces a strong personality and unique aesthetic appeal. You can use them to furnish your floors and walls, to create a contrasting effect on your backsplash, to safeguard against the hot water in bathrooms, and much more.

No matter where you choose to place them though, make sure you choose according to the end result you want to achieve. Consider the space you have and the kind of furniture you are going to place there. You should also think of the practicalities of the spaces before opting for a particular shade or texture of a wood look tile. And if being totally unique is your thing, why not mix and match different textures and sizes to create your own compositions that look like no other!