Old School Runescape, or OSRS, is a “massively multiplayer online role-playing game”. Developed by Jagex in 2013, it is very popular among the audience. Throughout the years, it was enhanced and updated, in terms of engine improvements and content. In August 2018, the game got it’s Android and iOS versions, so every gamer can access it even without a PC. Furthermore, it has a huge player base all around the world.

There are many interesting activities that can be done in the OSRS. This game provides its players with the most thrilling gaming experience ever. Therefore, the following list contains the top 5 interesting activities you can do in OSRS. If you are interested in reading about it, don’t hesitate to take a look.

5Pure/Ironman Mode


Being pure is something everyone should try. It is a good way of enhancing your experience and making the game more interesting. Even though it requires a lot of practice and skill, it can be very interesting when it comes to fighting other players. On the other hand, Ironman mode is made for those who enjoy challenges.

If you choose this model at the tutorial island, you won’t have to trade with anyone, or even pick up drops from other kills. This mode is often described as being “a single-player mode”, as well as the most difficult mode. Additionally, it includes a few variations to the normal Ironman mode. For instance, you can play an ‘Ultimate Ironman mode’, or even ‘Hardcore Ironman Mode’.

According to the fans, the ‘Hardcore Ironman Mode’ is very difficult and fun at the same time, because it turns into a normal Ironman mode, after dying for the first time. All in all, the bottom line is that both of these modes provide you with the most thrilling experience and it is definitely the fun activity to do in this game.

4Player Killing


Also known as PKing or player vs. player (PvP) is a fun activity because the combat happens between players themselves, instead of a player against a monster. You can participate in this kind of activity in many different places, such as the Wilderness, Duel Arena, Cattle Wars, and so on.

The PvP activity is very popular among the OSRS fans around the whole fan-base. Due to the fact that you are supposed to fight against another person, you get to compare your own skills to the skills of an actual player, instead of the virtual monster.

By approaching the game in this way, you can get the sense of where you are standing and what skills you should work on. Also, for some people, this type of combat is more exciting.

3Buying Gold


A resource that is often much needed in this game is the OSRS gold, which is the main currency in this game. It is considered to be one of the most important features of the OSRS because it is necessary for the whole gaming process.

Additionally, gold possession allows you to do almost anything in the virtual world of OSRS. It often worries the players how to get the gold, since it is pretty much essential to the successful performance.

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2Participating in a Tournament


The Tournament Arena is an interesting part of the OSRS. It represents a special type of server on which the members can log in. One of the best things about the tournaments is the fact that your progress in the normal server will not be affected in any way by your performance in the tournament.

These tournaments are typically open for a short period of time, and the players participating get access to the unlimited collection of armors, high-level weapons, and supplies for the PvP combat. Since 2015, there have been several tournaments with many participants all around the world.

The interesting thing about engaging in the tournament is the fact that you get to see other people’s strategies and ways of fighting. Furthermore, you can learn a lot, since you get to see their skills, and even improve yours.

1Boss Fighting


A boss is a powerful monster that can be fought in numerous ways. In order to complete an objective, you must win the fight with the monster. Many of these fights are in fact hard to win, because some monsters, i.e. bosses are strong and are at an extremely high combat level.

Therefore, fighting against them requires a set of many skills. Nevertheless, this component of the game is ranked as one of the most interesting activities. Furthermore, you can even team up with your friend and fight the monster together.

To sum up, if you are looking for the most thrilling gaming experience playing the Old School Runescape will definitely provide you with one.

Despite the fact that it was developed a few years ago, it has managed to keep up to date and be popular in the present day as well. There are numerous interesting activities you can do in this game, including different types of combat (player vs. monster, player vs. player).

Furthermore, you can choose between different modes which test your skills. If you are a passionate gamer, choosing the Hardcore Ironman mode will without a doubt challenge you. Also, you can even join friends and fight on the same side against various types of monsters. Additionally, successful performance in the game brings you gold, which is necessary in order to continue with the game.