Is your child insisting on a phone that you are not willing to give them because you are scared that exposing them to the digital world will harm them?  Parents are concerned and they should be.  The blue whale game incident which started as a simple game ended up making hundreds of innocent children commit suicide all in name of ‘Dares’.

On the other hand, the came internet has been a tool for children to learn new things. For instance, children as young as 8 years have learned coding and all of that with the help of online content. In other cases, children have learned how to play piano or guitar through online classes or YouTube tutorial videos.

On the other hand, your fears are valid as a parent but there is a solution to tackle those fears and let your child discover this ‘World Wide Web’ in a way that would be beneficial for them.

The solution to keeping your children safe on the internet is using parental control apps like FamiSafe. These apps help you impose necessary restrictions on your child’s digital activity and keep an eye on their digital actions. You don’t want your kid to be addicted to the screen, be bullied on social media and come in contact with vultures who with their sly ways can convince them to do inappropriate things.

Many people must have told you that parental apps mean going in your child’s privacy and creating trust issues. But did they tell you that with these apps, you can lessen and increase the restrictions as you want so that your child doesn’t feel overwhelmed?

Here are a few positive aspects of parental apps

4Less screen time


Screens are dangerous if consumed more than required. They emit rays which if consumed too much at a young age can affect the development of the eye and the child’s eyesight can be harmed.

Hence you need to set a certain amount of screen time for your child each day so that they don’t become screen addicts. A parental app will help you in setting that time so that your child wouldn’t use screen more than the permitted time.

3Improved school performance


Many children with phones use them during their classes instead of paying attention to things that are being taught to them. Parental control apps will help you ensure that your child is not using the phone at that time and if they are you can block their access to a phone with the help of the app.

2Lower aggression


There are a lot of aggressive action games on the internet that a lot of children have access to and they play games on those. Parental control apps will help you monitor if your child has any such games which promote aggression and you can block them.

The child absorbs whatever they are exposed to. Hence it is essential that you put a stop to things that can promote aggressive behavior.

1Controls are customized


The parental control apps’ gives them access and control on the child’s phone which can be customized. Hence you once feel that you can trust your little one on the internet you can lessen the controls and when you feel they are doing something wrong you can increase that control.

In childhood, children are the most vulnerable and impressionable. You can’t stop the kids from using the internet with some friend and there it might be more harmful as you won’t know anything. Hence it is best that you give them a phone by yourself with parental control so at least you can monitor what they are doing on the internet.

Ultimately, besides being a  parent you have to be a friend to your kid to whom the can come and discuss their problems, If not that they will approach other people who can then take advantage of their innocence and lead them in the wrong direction.

Definitely, for parents of children to generation- Y parenting has become more complicated than it used to be. But remember – no parent and no child is perfect. So don’t push yourself towards perfection but don’t shy away from giving your best effort.