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There are multiple ways for players to earn OSRS Gold in the growing world of Old School RuneScape as shown on Some methods are well known and are fairly safe ways to earn as much gold as possible. However, there are some methods that you may not be familiar with. The following list will show you some unconventional ways to earn money on OSRS.

1. Sheep shearing

This might not be the most exciting method in the world. It’s not exactly the most secret way to get extra gold, either. However, there is a reason why it appears on this list. Following the release of Dragon Slayer II, wool has increased in price. With this method, you can earn around 7 million per hour. That’s a decent amount of gold for such a simple task!

If you need to do some sheep shearing, visit Farmer Fred. You can find Fred in his sheep pen, north of Lumbridge Castle. This task is a beginner’s quest and it doesn’t take long to complete. This will give you some practice shearing sheep and will give you a Quest Point, 150 Crafting XP, and 60 coins.

2. Peaks of High Alchemy

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It is an unusual way to earn money at OSRS. We will use the Mithril Pickaxe for this particular method. In case you are not familiar, High Alchemy (Hi Alch or Alching) is a way of converting items into coins. In this way, you will also get the best possible price in specialized stores.

As for the mithril beak, it is a stronger version of the black beak (Black Pickaxe). Players must be level 20 Attack to use it or level 21 Mining if they are going to mine with it. The Mithril Pickaxe can be used for combat or mining, depending on your choice. By using the Alching method, you can earn a great deal of money. Each peak can be sold for 7,800GP, and you can reach up to 10 million per hour if you’re willing to invest the time.

3. Steal from H.A.M Members

H.A.M refers to Humans Against Monsters, who are a cult within the game. Their beliefs are that humans are superior to other creatures like Goblins and Ogres.

As with sheep shearing, there has been an increase in the amount of gold that can be obtained with this method. This increase is related to Ham Hoods, which can reach up to 1 million per hour. To achieve this method, you will need to be at Thief level 15 to rob the female members of Ham. If you wish to also try to steal the male members of Ham, you must be at least Thief level 20.

4. Kill goblins

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Another lesser-known method of making money is killing goblins. This may seem like a standard way to earn more money at first, but there is something else! By killing goblins, you can get valuable combat experience and a good amount of gold per hour. You can expect to earn around 83,500 per hour.

However, you can also earn money with Goblin Mails. The amount of emails that are available for you to have in your hands has experienced a significant increase. Because of this, you can now earn a lot more money by killing goblins. Since you can now use Goblin Mails, you are free to sell others. With this method, you could reach up to 4 million per hour, in case you want to spend time killing goblins.

5. Runite Ore

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This is not necessarily as secret as the other methods on the list. However, it is used less as it has some pretty high requirements. To mine Runite Ore, you will first need to reach Mining level 85. It will take you many hours to arrive, so only a handful of players use this method. There are a couple of mining locations within OSRS to find the Runite Mineral. These are located in the Wilderness or the Hero’s Guild Mine. If you choose to visit the Wasteland, watch out for PKers in the area!

Runite ore can be used to craft Rune weapons and armor. If you take the ore that you have mined to the Grand Exchange, you can make a lot of gold. Each mineral is usually worth at least 10,000 gold and sometimes even more.

The methods listed above may not be common knowledge among OSRS players. This should give you a slight edge when it comes to getting more OSRS Gold. Some are more difficult than others, so focus on the techniques you plan to employ. If you can adjust them to where you’ve already progressed in the game, then you should be earning gold in no time. But if you want fast gold, you can buy 2007 RuneScape gold now!

Methyl packs etching: This is a great way to earn some insanity because they go to about 7,800 GP in each pack. So in theory, you can earn a maximum of 10 million per hour with it.

The assassination of Goblins: You may have noticed that since the release of Dragon Slayer II, Goblins Mails have seen a surge. As you can now wear goblin mails, you can potentially earn up to 400,000 per hour by beating them.

Sheep Harvesting: Well, if not the most interesting run-cap way to make money. Wool has seen an increase in its price since the release of Dragon Slayer II. So start cultivating sheep and you turn this wool for about 7.7 million per hour.

Cooked Pocket Ham Members: You will need to be 17 years old to do this. Ham Hoods are worth a lot of money thanks to Dragon Slayer II. So if you can steal enough, you can earn 1 million per hour doing so.

Here are some simple steps you can take to begin the process of preparation for mediation. Let us know if you do any of these and you earn the most per hour. If You Want To Buy Old School Runescape Gold For Money, We Have Some Great Deals Right Now, So Check It Out!