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To make their lives easier, people are increasingly using modern technological inventions that replace human strength when it comes to everyday activities. Such activities unnecessarily waste the time that we can spend on some smarter things. A smartphone is not the only tool that can help make your daily functioning easier. More and more families are opting to build smart homes in which all switches and devices are activated by hand movement or an audible signal, and the house cleans itself. Still, you don’t have to go that far.

You can provide yourself with this kind of help in a slightly cheaper way – by buying a few smart devices whose high-tech programmed functions will be able to do some things for you. Of course, it would be good to provide one server to manage all the smart devices in your house. Otherwise, it will be tedious to set up each one separately.

In the following lines, you will find some ideas that are worth buying in 2024.

1. Robot vacuum cleaner

Sometimes it seems that vacuuming lasts forever, and you are often not satisfied with the result. The tiniest dust remains trapped in the carpet and invisible to our eyes, and we are convinced that everything is perfectly vacuumed. Later, when the allergic reactions show the opposite, we realize that we spent an hour in nothing.

This is when we realize that we would give everything for one smart assistant who will vacuum the rooms instead of us with high efficiency. One of the currently highest quality models on the market is the Dreame D9 vacuum cleaner. Well, if you are thinking of getting one, pay attention to the highly efficient specifications.

With its 14 sensors, this device efficiently vacuums up the entire space while bypassing all obstacles that come its way. Simply give it a route to follow, and you can even virtually point out all the forbidden places it shouldn’t approach. High suction capacity, perfect dust removal, and storage in a large tank, and minimal noise are just some of the great features of the Dreame D9 vacuum cleaner.

2. Philips Hue

Smart light bulbs are probably the next most needed thing in the home. The one you can easily control with the help of your iPhone from the comfort of your bed, without the need to get up always. It would be said that the company Philips understands these needs, so it decided to surprise its customers with this model for your home.

Philips Hue bulbs work with the help of a central hub in the house. Once you connect all the light bulbs in your home in this way, the system will work great, no matter what home control system you have. Its compatibility with various methods is a great advantage.

Technological innovations are endless, so you can also find light systems with various effects, making the atmosphere you want. The light show is made so that it can be adapted to you and your needs. You can find more details on

3. Nest Thermostat E

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In winter, high heating costs are inevitable. Simply, if we don’t want to wrap ourselves in blankets for three months or often suffer from fever, we must accept a high electricity bill. However, today there are smart ways to heat rooms, efficient energy consumption, and keep us warm at all times. Well, why not give it a try?

One of the best companies in the smart thermostat market is Nest. With the launch of the first products for efficient heating and cooling of your home, it brought it to the very top of the list of the best manufacturers. Today, it has a large number of satisfied customers behind it.

Nest thermostat E is one of the best you can find in the sale, with an exquisite design. By eliminating unnecessary functions, it has improved the heating and cooling system while reducing your costs.

4. Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Plug

Smart plugs can be a good starting point for turning your home into your assistant. This is one of the first and beneficial things you can install. Finally, you no longer have to worry when you go somewhere whether you took it out of the socket in case of thunder and lightning.

Some of their main advantages are the low price, which is why we recommend that you start turning your house into a smart home with this. Installing smart plugs does not require special skills because it is straightforward. The functioning system is easy to understand. With a smart plug, you get a remote control with which you can turn on or off the power.

The TP-Link plug can connect to Wi-Fi, which is available to everyone in their homes. With the help of the application that you install on your mobile phone, you can do the programming and set the schedule according to which the plug will be activated.

5. August Smart Lock

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Last but not least is the smart door locking system. This item should be one of your priorities, given the security it can provide for you and your family. Smart locks can be especially useful for those parents who have small children and all other people for whom peaceful sleep is precious. Many families live in remote areas, surrounded by nature, far from the first neighbors, and in such cases, it would be good to consider this option.

August Smart Lock has one of the more advanced mechanisms that leave you the ability to operate the lock, even in the event of harassment by hackers, thanks to the internal latch and key. All you have to do is install the software application and connect it to the lock via wireless. You also get a few virtual keys that you can give to trusted people of your choice. The small sensor sends you a notification about whether the door is currently open or closed so that you can see it at any time. How cool is that?

Smart technology can make your life easier. Well-programmed safety mechanisms will make you safe and, at the same time, help you in performing daily activities. Don’t wait too long. Get it as soon as possible. Check here for more info