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Archery is a niche thing that people take great pride in. You could be a professional archer or a hunter that uses bows as a method of hunting. But regardless of why you do it, you can always modify your compound bow with accessories that will improve its and your performance. Archery accessories mainly consist of attachments that can help you aim better. So without further ado, let’s get started with the top 5 archery accessories you can get.

1. Sights

If you want to improve your aim, getting a sight for your bow is the best way to do it. Sights are the types of attachments that drastically improve your focus. Sights come in many options, usually multi and single-pin options. Single-pin sights are more precise but offer shorter aiming distance. However, they are considered better because it makes aiming easier since all an archer has to do is pin to the exact yardage and hold where they want to hit. Multi-pin sights, on the other hand, usually come in three, five, and seven-pin options. A pin generally measures 10-yard distance, and they are very ideal for an experienced hunter who wants a challenge. Multi-pins are very easy to set up and very easy to follow.

2. Release-Aids

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Release-aids are the type of accessory that promotes consistent shooting. There are two types of release-aids, a handheld thumb-button release, or a twisted-strap trigger-finger release. The former help archers with target panic by helping them keep their sight pin to target, while the latter helps them execute quick shots.

3. Rests

According to, choosing a rest depends on your shooting style. Because of your shooting style, you can eighter choose a drop-away rest, or a biscuit style rest.

If you often time take long-range shots, then the former is your type of cookie because it ensures your rest won’t affect your shot.

However, if you prefer to make short-range shots, then a biscuit-style rest will ensure that your arrows stay in place.

4. Quivers

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A quiver is a holder for your arrows. Quivers can eighter be attached on your bow, or they could be mounted on your back. The benefit of having a quiver on your bow is that it keeps your bow balanced at full draw and it makes reloading much more convenient. Another benefit is that it makes traveling much more organized since everything you need will be right in your hands. Regardless of where you keep your quiver, it’s still a very important part of archery. No archer goes target practicing without a quiver to keep his arrows in place.

5. Wrist Slings

A wrist sling addresses one of archery’s most difficult techniques. Gripping the bow loosely though the shot is the technique in question, and it is a difficult one to master. The grip is very important and most accuracy-related problems are direct because of it. Since gripping the bow loosely runs the chance of it falling from your hand, a wrist sling eliminates it because it connects your wrist with the bow itself, making it impossible to fall off your hand.