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There’s nothing better than hunting your own organic and hormone-free food. You want something that is healthy and clean and not something that comes from some freezer wrapped in several layers of plastic. You have no idea where that meat came from, where it has been or when it was delivered, right?

Well, the only way to get your own food is either by growing animals on a farm on your own or by hunting them. But leading a farm is a big commitment and can cost a lot of money which leaves us to hunting.

Hunting is much more accessible to the people in the United States, especially when you consider the ever-growing population of feral hogs. They have expanded so much, the population is estimated to be somewhere between five or six million which is a huge number. This is why a lot of hunters turn to hunting wild hogs instead of deer. They are much more accessible, easier to find and a slower target although they do tend to endure a lot more, so having the right gear and rifle to kill one is essential.

You can’t just go out with any rifle you want and expect that you will have an easy and clean kill. There is a big chance that the bullet won’t properly penetrate the skin.

So, here is a list of the top hog hunting gear in 2024.

1. Ruger American Bolt-Action rifle

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In order to make a successful kill, the first thing you will need is a rifle. You cannot go anywhere without one, right? Sure, you might use the same one that you have been using for deer because it has proven itself as a reliable rifle and it might work well on hogs too, but why risk it? The Ruger American has a very respectable price, it is very reliable and a lot of people believe it has almost perfect accuracy. It has a bit more reach than your generic rifle which is enough power to handle anything from a deer to a hog.

We recommend that you shoot with it from a static location, so make sure you use a bait site.

With a good scope, you can easily pick off any target that is at least a few hundred yards away.

Lunde Studio has some great articles comparing Ruger American with other rifles. You can also find recommendations on the accessories that work well with it.

2. License

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We know, this isn’t really a piece of gear for your adventure, but it is definitely something you shouldn’t go out with. Even though feral hogs can be considered as an invasive species, the regulations are still quite different from state to state. If you plan to go out on public lands then you will definitely need to purchase a license that will cost you anywhere between twenty or thirty dollars which is quite cheap. Especially when you consider how pricey the fines can be if you get caught.

If you are unsure about the regulations in your own state, make sure you do a bit of research online to find out if you should get one or not.

3. Hunting Binoculars

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If you expect a successful kill you will definitely need to get a bit of distance from your bait. Once you set up, you will have to constantly check your rifle’s scope to spot whether the hog is in your shooting range. Naturally, constantly checking and holding the weight of the rifle on your shoulder can be quite tiring and may even cause an injury.

So, if you want to avoid any problems during your adventure, you will definitely have to get a set of high-quality binoculars to help you easily spot your target. Make sure you get a large enough magnification and that the lenses will allow enough light so you can see in detail. If you are looking for binoculars with high enough magnification check out Target Frog.

4. Clothing

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The weather out in the wild and in the forest can get quite cold, especially when you get in a position to wait for your target. The less movement you make, the colder your body will get. This is why clothing is a very important part of the process. Get a tough pair of pants that won’t rip at the first bush, stick or branch.

If you decide to go out in the winter season then you should definitely also get a pair of leather gloves that will keep you warm while allowing enough maneuverability. A set of high boots, a beanie or a hat and a thick jacket.

You will also have to get clothing that its camo because without one your prey will notice you from a mile away. It is preferred that the camo is dark-colored from top to bottom. You will also have to check with your state whether you will have to wear orange. Some require you to wear at least 350 square inches of hunter orange material while other states do not have that requirement at all.

5. Flashlight and several pairs of batteries

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Because of the heat during the hunter seasons, feral hogs are nocturnal which means that you will have to do all of your hunts throughout the night. However, traversing through a forest with no lighting can be both difficult and dangerous.

Make sure you get a flashlight that offers at least 20 lumens of brightness and also carry at least one pack of extra batteries in case they die early.

6. GPS and a radio

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If you decide to travel out in an unknown territory then you will need a way to navigate right? You will probably have your phone with you, but when going out deep into the forest, there is a chance that there won’t be any signal. This is why we recommend that you always carry a GPS with you when you go out hunting. You could use a map, but when you hunt at night it can be bothersome to use one.

You should also carry a two-way radio with you always in case you need to contact your hunting partner or if something goes wrong, you can always contact the police for help.