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Are you looking for different ways to encourage your employees’ excellent work and motivate them? Awards and trophies can be a great way to do that and here are some reasons why.

For a solo entrepreneur, monetary profits and success are reason enough why you need to keep working hard. But when it comes to a big corporation, it can be pretty difficult for an employee to feel important by their paycheck alone. In fact, the number one complaint of US Worker (approximately 60%) is a lack of appreciation by management according to a recent study.

So are you wondering how to leave a good impression of your appreciation to make your employees feel valued and motivated? One great way is with awards and trophies.

Here are some of the top reasons why these symbols can motivate your employees.

Power of recognition

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Whether in a professional relationship, interaction with a stranger or a personal relationship, we all know how strong the power of recognition and appreciation is.

Think of the last time you held the door for someone and they just blew past you without saying thank you, showing you a smile or any kind of physical acknowledgment. You probably thought in your in a sassy voice ” you are welcome!” or something similar, right?

That is because we all want to get appreciation or recognition for doing the extra mile. Working hard for a company or a big corporation is no different. Employees want to feel that their efforts are being noticed. Recognition in the form of trophies or awards is a great and cost-effective way to recognize a job well done.

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Build loyalty

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Employee turnover is a frustrating and costly issue for a lot of employers. But, recognition with awards and trophies can help you decrease employee turnover. In fact, companies with incentive programs show a 25% decrease in employee turnover. You can build your employee’s loyalty by letting them know that their work is being recognized and appreciated. Employees who feel that they are not a valuable part of the team or even noticed have a lot fewer reasons why they should stay and keep working for the company.

Acknowledged and appreciated employees, however, will feel a much stronger connection to the business and it is much more likely that they will stick around.

It shows that you put in the time

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While verbal recognition can be a great place to start, it is not always enough to show your appreciation for an employee’s job well done.

Awards and trophies can be a lot more powerful than just a simple verbal acknowledgment because they show how much extra effort and time you have put into your show of appreciation.

It is easy to customize trophies and aways by having them engraved with a certain employee’s name, company logo or even a summary of an employee’s achievement. This personalization will show how much thought you have put into the acknowledgment, as well as your level of appreciation.