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Once, things used to be easier than today, so even buying a toilet bowl. Even in big cities, there were not countless stores where you could choose between so many models. There was neither import nor design inspiration, so the choice came down to two or three models from domestic manufacturers. We bought what we could at that time. But, today the situation is much different.

How To Choose?

Today, the toilet bowl is chosen and bought almost like a car. That’s why it’s important to have prior knowledge on how to choose the best toilet for your needs. BestToiletGuides have plenty of reviews and buying guides to help you out on that.

At every corner, you can find more or less exclusive ceramic lounges. You can find there almost everything you need for your bathroom complete with a wide variety of accessories. When you come in, you don’t even know where you go or what you came for. You can almost get lost between various models of sanitary elements. What’s more, if the seller decides to help you and starts arranging the models, listing the details and offering the right toilet seats – you will probably think that choosing a house is much easier and faster. And the whole search for a toilet doesn’t have to be stressful if you’re armed with the knowledge, the money and the decision to buy what you want – not what someone wants to sell you at all costs.

What Kind Of Toilet Are You Looking For?

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In the beginning, you need to start with the fact that there is already a drain in your home. Some drains go to the wall, so they require the purchase and installation of so-called Baltic toilets. Other drains go to the floor and therefore require a Simplon toilet. Once you have resolved this dilemma, you can choose from a regular bowl with a low-mount or high-mount flush cistern, a monoblock with a flush cistern located within the toilet and stand-up or console toilet for systems with a flush cistern.

Guarantees And Mounting

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Recently, built-in cisterns have been increasingly used because of the quality of construction, layout and space consumption. Manufacturers provide multi-year guarantees for them. They can be repaired without breaking the wall, and you can find a large selection of water release buttons. The installation, of course, should be entrusted to a well-trained craftsman who will leave a minimum of 30 inches of free space on both sides of the toilet to facilitate hygiene.

Form And Design

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Regarding the shape of the toilet cup, the decision is subjective based on your taste, but the offer is very wide and you can choose from the classic lines through the modern, cubed – Quadro variant, to the elegant lines. It should also match the style of your bathroom faucets. If you do not manage yourself, you can rely on the suggestion of an expert to match trends in the bathroom to your taste.

10 Of Our Choice

As we said, a good toilet is not that easy to choose. We have provided our 10 suggestions, but for more accurate information on selection, brands, prices and quality – click here.

1. Aquablade

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Looking for maximum purity? Then this is the right toilet for your bathroom! The unique patented technology guarantees the best flushing results ever A smooth, slightly bent surface is a major prerequisite for increasing the level of toilet hygiene. Easily accessible for cleaning, intelligent design and significantly reduced noise when pulling water are just some of the benefits of this toilet.

2. Porcelain Console Toilet – Villeroy & Boch Compact

The cantilever bowl is sold complete with original Villeroy & Boch slow close seat. “O. Novo” model is intended for installation in smaller bathrooms. Villeroy & Boch creates high-quality products that enrich the lives of people around the world. These are the standard for high design and quality of life. You can expect top-quality porcelain, famous design and impeccable functionality in your bathroom.

3. Pozzi Ginori Fantasia 2 – Console Rimfree Toilet

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This is a toilet bowl by the renowned manufacturer of high-quality sanitary ware. Ginori has been producing one of the highest quality Italian ceramics for many years. This brand guarantees the latest trends, modern design as well as high quality according to the latest standards in the bathroom world. Their products will surely satisfy even the most demanding customers who want high quality and modern shapes in their bathroom. Opt for this brand if you want to have a unique bathroom at affordable prices. The surface is porcelain and molecular-stable, so bacteria and other pathogens do not accumulate on it. Simply it is a good blend of price and quality. The type of installation is wall-mounted, which contributes to the convenience of maintaining hygiene in the bathroom for a simple reason – the space under the toilet is free.

4. Minotti Vitra – Console Toilet Bowl CVS40 S20

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The surface of the bowl is smooth and stable at the molecular level, so bacteria and other pathogens do not accumulate on it. The type of bowl installation is wall-mounted. Very modern design for easy installation and maintenance, simply the best combination of price and quality.

5. Villeroy & Boch – “Subway” Toilet Bowl

Sanitary element by famous German manufacturer Villeroy & Boch. In this case, the name speaks for itself. V&B is recognized for its high-quality porcelain and elegant style, it contributes to a better atmosphere in every bathroom.

6. Grohe Euro Ceramic – Console Toilet With Slow Close Seat

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This is a small size toilet with the new “Triple Vortex” flushing system. Grohe is one of the best sanitaryware manufacturers well known for its innovative sanitary elements. For several decades, this company is committed to quality, design and sustainability.

7. Seramiksan Ocean Plus

Console Seramiksan Ocean Plus is offered together with the slim slow close toilet seat. The seat is removable, allowing you to easily clean it. Seramiksan follows the latest technological advances in the field of sanitary ceramics to offer its customers the most perfect product.

8. Vidima Monoblock Ulysee Simplon

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A well-known manufacturer who guarantees you high-quality ceramics. The type of installation of the monoblock is floor and complete with a toilet and a set with the mechanism. Very modern design for easy installation and maintenance, simply the best combination of price and quality.

9. Cersanit Parva Console Toilet K27-061

Very modern design for easy installation and maintenance. The surface of the bowl is smooth and stable at the molecular level, so bacteria do not accumulate on it. The type of toilet installation is wall-mounted, which adds convenience when maintaining hygiene in the bathroom.

10. Console Toilet Bowl – Laufen Pro New

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Console toilet bowl Laufen Pro New Rimless has an open flush ring and is a symbiosis of design, quality and functionality. For over 120 years, the Laufen brand has been using the oldest adaptable material to produce modern bathroom products in more modern factories with traditional Swiss precision.