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Do you have an upcoming wedding and have no idea what to get the couple?

Do you fear that your gift won’t be good enough or that the couple will simply not like it? Are you deciding between two things and have no idea what to get?

Well, to help with the buying decision, we’re here to give you a list of some of the best weddings gift. The gifts on our list range from expensive, to quite cheap but thoughtful ones. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

1. A Glass Bowl Set

What better way to stock the future couple’s kitchen than with a 10-piece glass bowl set? This will not only open tons of options for every meal, but it is a kitchen must-have.

As a matter of fact, anything that finds its use in the kitchen is a present that the couple will appreciate. Since they will be moving into their own place, they will need the resources to help them prepare each meal. And that is exactly what a 10-piece glass bowl set does.

Glass bowl sets can cost anything from $40 to some very expensive sets of up to $250.

2. Cake Dome

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Sticking on the subject of kitchen-related gifts, a cake dome is probably a gift that the master cook out of the two would greatly appreciate.

A cake dome performs a simple, yet highly important task. A cake dome is an item that gets you by whenever there’s a birthday around.

A cake dome is a very affordable present and will cost you nothing but $30.

3. Customizable Map of the World

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Travelling is made very easy in our time and age. What was once a very expensive, and quite luxurious activity, is now very affordable and very convenient.

Since most couples love traveling together, and chances are they will go somewhere for their honeymoons, a customizable travel map that lets them scribble the places they’ve been is quite the present.

Not only will this map help them keep track of all the places they’ve been, but it will also motivate them to work harder and visit all of them.

This gift might come at a higher price and will likely cost you up to a hundred bucks, depending on the size of the map.

4. An Anniversary Journal

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An anniversary journal is yet another personalized item that every couple wants. It is one of those presents that the bride will probably appreciate it more than the groom. But the groom has nothing to moan about since this should be a joint gift.

Anyway, an anniversary journal is exactly what the name says. It is a small journal that the newly wedded couple can fill it up with pictures from their anniversary travels and adventures.

Much like the personalized map of the world, this is yet another item that will motivate them to do more when the anniversary date comes.

5. French Press Coffee Maker

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Whether you love drinking coffee, or love to make one for your spouse in the morning, a French press coffee maker is definitely an item that every couple wants.

So, as a brilliant wedding present, why not get it? Not only is this item a brilliant choice for a wedding present, but this is one heck of a gift that will gain you a lot of favor with the newly wedded couple. A French press coffee maker eliminates the hassle of having to make coffee every morning. It’s simple to use, convenient, doesn’t take a lot of space, and keeps you nice and fresh ready for work. A French press coffee maker can cost anything from $10 to $50.

If you’re looking to get together with your friends and surprise the loved ones with a magnificent present, a great way to keep track of the buying process is to use an app called Wishsprout.

6. Aromatherapy Diffuser Speaker

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One way to impress the wedding hosts is to combine multiple gifts into one. But what would be the item that allows you to do this?

Well, as we’re venturing into the world of devices and gadgets, a simple Bluetooth speaker combined with an aromatherapy diffuser is a popular gift that many millennials are starting to come across.

Not only are these gadgets filled with amazing aromatic scents such as lavender, but they also server the role of your personal music player. What this means is that it serves two purposes. First of being a diffuser and second a Bluetooth speaker.

So, an aromatherapy diffuser speaker will obviously come handy to the couple, and it doesn’t even cost that much.

7. Mini Planter

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A mini planter is exactly what it sounds; it is an item that can be used for planting flowers or veggies, but on a very small scale.

This item, however, will be of use differently to your friends as it can be used for decorating. If you look at it, a mini planter looks nothing more than a decorative item.

So, if you want to encourage your friends to start working on their gardening skills a mini planter will do the job just fine, all for the price of $60.

8. Digital Camera

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We know that smartphones are more than capable of replacing digital cameras entirely.

And while this is a pretty heavy understatement, the average person doesn’t need a digital camera to snap photos for Instagram.

But, your couple friends are different and they want a digital camera. Not only is a digital camera quite a unique gift, but it is one that will brighten their lives. Whenever vacationing, your friends will realize how brilliant a digital camera can be as a wedding gift.

There are many brands of digital cameras out there, and each one varies in price.

9. Wine Rack

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Millennials and Gen Z’s are quite the wine lovers. Seeing that you won’t be attending other weddings than that of these two generations, a brilliant idea for a gift would be a wine rack.

To choose the one, however, would be an impossible task as there are so many types out there. From hanging wine racks to cubic forms to god knows what else. One thing to have in mind is that they don’t come cheap.