Owning a sunroom and having the opportunity to enjoy it every day proves to be a blessing by itself, but decorating it according to your wants and needs might be a bit trickier than you imagine in the first place. Namely, certain elementary criteria regarding shape and size need to be followed so you could enjoy your favorite place to the fullest. Although you will have the final word, read the top 10 décor ideas for a harmony sunroom we have prepared for you, and see how to match the style you desire into the space you have for the most optimal results.

1. Vintage Rattan Rocking Chairs


There is hardly anything as vintage as rattan rocking chairs, not solely for the way they enrich the space where they are positioned, but also because they are often a story for their selves. We warn you that this piece of furniture shall be the most occupied one if you decide to decorate your sunroom with it, but it will be worth the pomp that goes with it. After all, you will be enjoying it the most, since nothing talks “piece” more than the creek of the rocking chair.

2. Improve the Lighting: Ceiling Fixture, Industrial Lights, Antique Lamps

We should emphasize that the point of a sunroom as space is to have as much natural lighting as possible, yet, sometimes we need to work with what we have, instead of complaining about disadvantages. Fortunately, there are ways both to fix the light issue and enrich your space by carefully selecting lighting pieces. This is your chance to reshape the space completely and make your sunroom décor shine in a fashion you potentiate, thus, consider using antique lamps, industrial lights, or even ceiling fixtures, and either use them individually or combine them until you get the desired effect.

3. Create a Calming Wall

One of the most effective transforming solutions you can easily apply both as a part of outdoor décor and as a sunroom addition is to go for a premium quality canvas print wall art. It is ideal if you want to send a particular message, but also if you want to enrich your space with positive vibrations coming from various quotes you might find inspiring. The great deal about the canvas is that you can either pick the color of the frame you consider most suitable or order it frameless, depending on the style of your sunroom décor. You can learn more about this and many more amazing pieces that will transform any space you wish with a moderate dose of uniqueness.

4. Outdoor Fireplace


If you have not got a fireplace, opting to get one might be a pricey solution, but it is nothing compared to the transformation your sunroom will go through. In a nutshell, there are 2 options, to do it yourself or to hire pros. Considering the cost of the venture, we advise you to consult some DIY tutorials and estimate whether you have what it takes, or is it better to leave it to the craftsmen.

5. Window Display

Window displays might substitute a few pieces of furniture while they deliver comfort and bring an almost fairytale-like atmosphere to your sunroom. Apart from that, you will be able to enjoy much more daylight than before, maximizing the illumination while decreasing the energy consumption. Surely, you will be privileged to enjoy a stylish view at night times, as you complete the composition with already mentioned pieces of advice on lighting.

6. Bright Curtains

The brighter the curtains you select for your sunroom, the more natural light you will be able to enjoy. The crucial thing to bear in mind is that you should pick the curtains according to the appearance of your window display because a mismatch could result in making the whole concept meaningless.

7. Potting Station


Even though you might not be a fan of gardening, having a potting station as a sunroom addition could be a perfect way to fill the space. On the other hand, if you want a place just for yourself where you could treat your plants and relieve yourself after a stressful day at work, purchasing a potting station could be just what the doctor ordered.

8. Statement Table

If you want a piece of furniture to talk for you, then choosing a specific statement table for your sunroom might be the thing you need. What you should bear in mind when adding bigger pieces to the concept is that they should either increase the functionality of the space or amaze with their features, and a quality statement table can do both.

9. Reading Nook

Who does not want a place where one can relax and spend some time with their favorite book? Basically, you can do that anywhere where you can find a cozy moment of silence, but having a reading nook is something more. You do not even have to enjoy reading to enjoy the time at your reading nook, especially because it potentiates calm thoughts and can act as a sort of a harbor you go into after having a tiring day. Combining it with the rest of your sunroom can be challenging since the size of your reading corner depends on the design. Therefore, think about whether you want to transform the whole sunroom or you wish to have its small portion to be reserved for reading aficionados.

10. Drink Station


There are innumerous situations that ask for a toast, and sometimes we enjoy a beverage without proposing a toast the first time, to begin with. That is why you should consider making a drink station a part of your sunroom. It does not matter if you enjoy alcoholic beverages, caffeinated drinks, or fruit juices since a well-designed drink station can take it all, but also look like an amazing sunroom addition.

Hopefully, the aforementioned pieces of suggestions regarding your sunroom decoration will prove their usefulness and help you enrich your space with both new and pleasing additions. It would be a bit too much to combine everything from the lines above and fit it in a room, but we are sure that you can pick the ones that match your style and make a positive change in collusion with our propositions.