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Woodworking tools are numerous. As in other professions, there are tools for almost all tasks. However, some utensils are mandatory when working with wood. Those woodworking tools can be grouped into two main types: the woodworking hand tools (those are the ones that need manual action and our strength to function), and electric woodworking tools.

Manual Carpentry Tools

The essential carpentry hand tools in any workshop or toolbox for woodworking are:

1. Tape measure

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The tape measure is one of the necessary woodworking hand tools. Any carpentry project is very susceptible to the smallest measurement variation. Therefore, it is essential to have a precision tape measure and take measurements carefully so as not to ruin your work. Properly taking measurements is the key to making a carpentry job impeccable.

2. Leveling tools

Just as it is crucial to have a tape measure so that the measurements are accurate, and to carry out carpentry projects, it is necessary to get an excellent leveling tool. With it, you can check the horizontality and verticality of the pieces of wood and make sure that everything is perfectly leveled.

3. Chisel

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A steel chisel is a tool used by all carpenters to make clean cuts in wood and to perform excellent carpentry work. They are capable of acting as a precise hammer blow wood drill, and are used to carve wood, clean joints or saw cuts.

It is necessary to keep the edges of the chisel well sharpened and well greased to keep it for a longer time. Chisels with a metal-covered wooden handle are recommended, to better resist continuous hammering during use and to avoid deformation from blows. Besides, the handle should be adapted to the size of your hand, so that you can hold it firmly while using it and give you a good grip.


A hammer is another vital tool for carpenters. Rubber coated steel handled hammers offer excellent grip and control during use and transmit adequate force. Hammers with a wooden handle are proven to be very good, but if you are going to use it intensively in carpentry, it is recommended that you wear safety gloves when using them because they make your hands sweat. The bottom line when choosing a carpenter’s hammer is to choose one that is powerful and light enough to do the job you need to do, without physically weighing you down when using it.

5. Carpenter’s pencil

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A carpenter pencil is a must-have item for any good carpenter. The pencil is used to mark where to cut.

6. Woodworking square

A square is one of the essential carpentry tools despite the advancement of technology. It is used to draw angles and check the degrees of the edges. The best carpenter’s brackets are metal brackets, as plastic brackets can become easily deformed and lose their effectiveness when making measurements.

7. Hand saw

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Even though there are high-powered saws, the handsaw is still one of the essential carpentry tools for any work with wood. A handsaw is the favorite tool of traditional carpenters, as it allows you to control the cut and offer good finishes. Electric and hand saws complement each other perfectly. Some projects need a lot of o patience and precision, and working with a hand saw offers that, while others require cutting cleanliness from an electric saw. Therefore, for any passionate carpentry workers, both types of saws are essential.

8. Workbench

A workbench is an efficient tool for a carpenter or woodworker. A bench or work table helps you support the piece of wood as you work on it. It makes cutting, drilling, assembling, sanding, etc. so much easier. There are models of workbenches that come equipped with clamps to adjust the wood, and they are fastened to the bench so that you can work safely.

Electrical carpentry tools

Below, we will list the essential carpentry tools that we can include in the group of electrical carpentry tools:

9. Circular saw

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A circular saw is one of the most versatile tools for both carpentry work and other projects. Check out if you want to find the one that will best suit your needs. The circular saw has different cutting discs with more or fewer teeth. When using a circular saw, keep in mind that if you choose a drive with many teeth, you can make smoother cuts, but you run the risk of burning the wood. Whereas with a cutting disc with fewer teeth and more space between them, it makes rougher cuts, which need subsequent sanding to smooth the cut, although it does not burn the wood that much.

The use of a cutting disc or some other tool will depend on the type of work you are going to do. Also, depending on the type of wood you are going to use and its resistance, you will have to use a cutting disc with more or fewer teeth. For example, if you are going to work with plywood or laminate, you can use an 80 tooth saw blade.

10. Drill

A drill is another of the electric carpentry tools that you must have. Its press will allow you to drill through the wood with different types of bits and diameters as needed. The best practice is to have a corded electric drill, as they are generally more powerful and cheaper than cordless drills. They offer constant power, making them the perfect drill if you are going to use them intensively, and with large chunks. However, a cordless drill is still very useful if you own a workshop and there are other drilling tools that are very essential to some DIY folks. Like the cordless drill, a drill press is also one best choice when drilling through metals and woods, check out BestOfMachinery to learn more.

11. Sander

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Electric sanders are another essential tool for a carpenter. It allows you to smooth the surfaces and improve the final appearance of the wood that you want to shape. Thanks to this tool, smooth wooden surfaces are achieved, without sharp or chipped edges.

12. Nail Gun

A nail gun allows nails to be put in quickly and efficiently, saving you a lot of time on your carpentry jobs. There are nail guns with different powers, electric guns, and pneumatic guns. The choice will depend on what you plan to use it for. If you plan to use it intensively and professionally, you will need a powerful nail gun. Do you need a carpentry tool for your workshop? If you need to hire the professionals, you can check the

Final Word

The choice of carpentry tools is enormous. It is impossible to find the right tool in a day, whether it is for professional use or a hobby tool. Life experience tells us that if you have a hand-held saw, drill, planer, and chisel on hand, you can already make something out of wood if needed. However, for quality and fast work, you need several different tools. That’s why we have written this guide, and we hope that it will be of great use to you!