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NovaThreads represents one of the latest methods of getting better looking and younger skin. During the process, the doctors are using thin needles to stimulate the skin to produce more collagen, which can lead to getting more beautiful and repaired skin. This treatment is one of the best when it comes to methods of getting more natural and healthy face.

The beauty industry and medicine are constantly evolving, and this procedure has the most natural effects, unlike plastic surgery, which makes it much more effective than some other methods. Also, the NovaThreads method is not invasive for your skin, and will not leave any side-effects like plastic surgery. For more information about this treatment, we selected some of the most important things that you should know about.

1. What Does It Treat?

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The main use of this treatment is for people suffering from various skin issues, mostly for cosmetic purposes. Most of NovaThreads treatments are done on the neck and the face, and this procedure will help the patient to get younger-looking skin. Besides being a great cosmetic method, it also has other benefits for the skin, because it can motivate the higher production of collagen.

2. How does This Treatment work?

The doctors are using PDO, thin objects similar to needles, and getting them under the thin layer of skin to tighten it. A PDO is a special type of synthetic material with the ability to absorb under the skin without any traces left after the procedure. Also, you don’t have to worry about having any scars or marks left on your face and neck. With NovaThreads treatment, you will get a shiny and lifted face skin.

3. Is This Procedure Permanent?

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When we compare it to similar methods, NovaThreads can last much longer than them, but it is still not permanent, and the effects could last for a few months. There are some similar methods with much longer effects, but this treatment is much safer and more natural. The main benefit is that during the period of absorption of PDO inside the skin, which can last for around 5 months, your skin will repair much faster and more effectively.

4. The Main Types of NovaThreads

There are two types of procedures. Depending on which type of PDO is being used in the treatment, and those types are Smooth and Barbed. Smooth NovaThreads method is very effective in raising the levels of collagen and its production, which leads to a natural process of healing the skin. Barbed NovaThreads method is the best for facelifting, which is achieved with the help of small barbs that are pulling the skin and make it look lifted.

5. The Main Benefits

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This treatment represents a fast and straightforward procedure with instant effects. Also, the period of recovery is very short, which means that every possible mark that is left on your face will disappear within a few hours after that. Moreover, this method is not so painful, and you will only get local anesthesia, like when you are at the dentist. However, there might be some redness of the skin and a minor irritation if you have sensitive skin.

Another great benefit is that this method does not take so much time, unlike similar ones, which means that even if you are always busy with your work and many other responsibilities because the NovaThreads procedure lasts only between 15 and 30 minutes. That is one of the main reasons why this method became so popular in the first place. It doesn’t take time and has amazing effects on the skin.

The main use of this process is for the skin on the face and the neck, but you can use it on any other part of the body. For example, there is a great number of people who are using this method for chests and arms, providing them with a better and younger appearance. The most important benefit is the stimulation of your skin to produce more collagen, the main factor for younger-looking and healthier skin.

What makes NovaThreads much better than plastic surgeries and other methods is that it won’t leave any traces, it is not invasive, and there are no side effects. The only downside is a possibility for a minor irritation, and that could be the case with people who suffer from some skin issues or have highly sensitive skin.

6. The Price of This Procedure

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There is a wide price range when it comes to NovaThreads treatment, and the main factor that can affect the price is the number of synthetic materials required during the process. Also, it depends on the part of the body as well. Some minor procedures, like lifting the neck or lips, can cost less than 1000$, while more complex processes, where you want to use the treatment for the whole face and the neck, can cost more than 3000$. It maybe is less affordable than other methods. Still, it has positive effects. It is completely harmful and natural, which is why this method represents the best solution if you want to have any cosmetic procedures.

The Bottom Line

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The highest numbers of clients asking for this procedure are people over 50 years old, and mostly women. If you have a sagging face and neck, you should consider choosing this method over any other, primarily because of the all other benefits besides getting healthier and shinier skin. The main reason you should choose NovaThreads over plastic surgeries is that it represents a natural way of healing by stimulation of skin to produce more collagen, which is essential in the production of new skin cells and providing you a younger and younger and fresher skin.

However, you could combine this method with some other processes, for even better results. For example, it is popular to combine NovaThreads and Botox therapy or various skin fillers, which will lead to outstanding effects, wrinkle removal, and you can look much younger. This method is a safer and faster alternative to any other process.