Successful CoolSculpting session requires proper planning and preparation. Only in that way, you can reach your body shape goals to the fullest. In general, A CoolScupting treatment is a non-invasive way of eliminating stubborn body fat that people are struggling with. The treatment is a combination of a cool gel, suction procedure, as well as massage over those critical areas.

The skin is very affected during this treatment, so it is necessary to provide the best possible protection on time. People are considering trying this treatment mostly in the recent period since the pandemic is over. With so many different restrictions, measures and lockdowns, people did not really have much physical activity.

Additionally, many people gained some extra calories, that they did not be able to lose on time, so they resulted in fat that is very hard to get rid of. It is has been a very challenging year for sure.

However,  the good news is that if you are not satisfied with your body, you can consult with MiracleFace MedSpa and change things with a proven, reliable, and effective way of removing that excess fat by the CollSculpting treatment. This treatment is so beneficial because it actually freezes the fat cells and makes them vanish forever. Logically, if you want to get the best results and most effective outcome out of this procedure, you need to know how to properly prepare for it.

1. You should know how the CoolSculpting works


The more you know about the treatment that is waiting for you, the more relaxed you will approach it. When you know how it works, you will understand what outcome you can expect. In general, your body will be attached for hours to a CoolScupting machine that works by the cryolipolysis procedure. In other words, the cold temperature freezes and destroys the cells of fat throughout the whole treatment.

This applies to the areas with stubborn fat that you can not get rid of. There is one important thing that you should be aware of – this is not a magical treatment that will remove 50 pounds of you.

You can expect that it can destroy approximately about 20% of the fat that is only located just underneath your skin and above the muscles. When it comes to the fat that is located deeper in your body, you need to know that the only way to get rid of it is by diet and physical exercise.

As we said at the beginning, the treatment is non-invasive, so if you are afraid of needles or anesthesia, you should feel relaxed because the treatment itself does not require those things. Additionally, you do not have to worry about whether the treatment will affect your nerves and muscles. In fact, it is only focused on killing fat cells. Best of all is that once they are removed, they will never come back.

In case you are wondering what makes you a good candidate for this treatment you should know that generally if you are healthy, you can participate in it. Areas that CoolScultping treatment is affecting are the abdomen, thighs, flanks, bra and back fat, arms, chin area, and buttocks.

2. Create a Program that you will be using Before and After CoolSculpting Treatment


If you start forming healthy habits before the treatment you are going to be halfway to achieving the best possible outcome. In case some of you already have the ideal weight range, the results are going to be more effective.

If you do not belong to this group, we suggest you start with a healthier diet and physical exercise. In general, your goal is to be within five pounds of your perfect weight because you can really see positive effects after everything.

Before you start with this procedure, there is one thing that you need to remember and that refers to the fact that maintaining your results will be effective only if you work effectively. Therefore, do not risk collecting new fat, and do not overeat before your treatment is scheduled. Additionally, when you are over with the procedure, you should continue with healthy habits and a new lifestyle regime.

3. You need to protect Your Skin


Basically, your skin should be healthy when you are proceeding with this treatment. As we said, this treatment includes suction of the fat and the massage of the are which can be a little harsh for your skin.

That is why you need to protect it and in that way prepare for the treatment properly. What you should do is avoid tanning and the Sun. Our skins are sensitive, and you want not to risk getting sunburnt. Despite that, you need to postpone the treatment if you have some cuts, bruising on the skin, or any other type of wound.

4. Rethink Your Medication


Remember that if you are consuming some medications that can thin the blood is not good for this treatment. Therefore, do not use them several days before you are heading to the procedure.

The blood thinners can increase bruising. Some of the medications or supplements you need to avoid are aspirin, ibuprofen, vitamin E, fish oil, etc. It would be best to contact your doctor and see whether there are some alternatives for your medications in that period. Additionally, this does not count only for pharmaceutics medications, but for some herbs. For instance, ginger and turmeric can also cause the blood to thin.

5. You need to stop smoking for that period


Before the treatment, you need to avoid smoking because it can slow the whole recovery process. Additionally, your expected results will be delayed.

6. Make the Treatment as Comfortable and  Pleasant as Possible


As we said, this treatment will take hours. Therefore, you do not one to be boring the whole time. Prepare some things that will entertain you such as books, TV shows, etc. Additionally, you should wear some loose and comfortable clothes for the treatment. You can also bring some clothes for the changing.