If you’re into following celebrities, you’ve probably heard them saying, “collagen peptides have made us look younger and glam-touched,” at least once.

But, what are they, anyway? And, can we, too, gain access to this seemingly-perfect fountain of youth and regain our natural beauty?

Let’s find out.

Collagen Peptides – A Brief Overview

Collagen peptides, in essence, are a type of supplement that can help you replace or restore the lost collagen in your body. They tend to be pretty small and easily digestible. Therefore, you will not experience any stomach-related issues after consuming them.

But, why does restoring the lost collagen matter?

As mentioned, collagen plays a vital role in protecting the joints of your bones. Besides, it also helps in creating the core structure of your skeletal muscle. Hence, all in all, collagen is all about preventing damage to your body and holding it on together.

How Do Collagen Peptides Benefit Your Health?


Although we’re not blessed with the same genetics as the ever-so-beautiful Jennifer Aniston, we can still avail of the benefits of collagen peptides. Let’s find out how it will help us and move us forward in our journey of improving our well-being.

1. Improves Skin Elasticity

With age, the elasticity of our skin tends to get reduced, mainly due to the sudden decrease of collagen from it. However, if you use a collagen peptide-based product on your skin, it can help plump up the organ and make it firmer.

It can also keep your skin hydrated and slow the other signs of aging by preventing wrinkles and fine lines. In some cases, collagen peptides can also improve your skin complexion and help you get rid of “that annoying tan” efficiently.

2. Strengthens Muscles And Bones

As mentioned before, your bones are primarily made from collagen. So, when the production of the same decreases, your bones, especially in your knees, starts weakening. It makes them more susceptible to being broken or fractured.

Thus, if you want to take care of this problem, intaking collagen peptide-based supplements can be beneficial for you. They can strengthen your bones and provide a proper structure to them. Besides, it can help you reduce the issue of joint pain as well.

3. Eases Osteoarthritis


Osteoarthritis can be pretty painful, primarily if it affects the joints of your knee and waist. However, as per a report, taking a collagen peptide supplement can be beneficial for you.

As mentioned before, it can fill up the lost part of your knee bone and strengthen the joints. It, in turn, can reduce the prominence of the pain and offer some sort of relief.

However, it might take the aforesaid supplement some time (around three to five months) before it can offer any viable results.

4. Takes Care Of Heart Health

Researchers have concluded that collagen peptides can take good care of your heart health. They can structure your arteries and veins so that the blood can flow without any interruption from your heart to your whole body.

Not only that, it can also increase the level of good cholesterol (HDL) on an average of 6%. HDL is an essential factor increasing the risk of heart conditions such as atherosclerosis.

If there is not enough collagen in your body, it may make your arteries less flexible, which will be bad for your heart. Hence collagen peptides are necessary for your heart health.

5. Helps You Lose Weight


Unlike many other supplements in the market, collagen peptide is actually proven to help you lose weight and reduce body fat.

Since it enhances the impact of weight training on muscle mass, collagen peptide is effective when it comes to control your weight.

If you follow a diet rich in collagen peptides but consist of low carbs and low sugar, it will promote your weight loss journey better than any other dietary routine.

6. Promotes Gut Health

Collagen peptide can treat leaky gut symptoms, curing intestinal permeability. It can also ameliorate gut barrier dysfunction, and improve its elasticity.

If you follow a rich diet filled with collagen peptides, it can control the fatty acid chain production in your body. Thus, it can take care of your cholesterol intake and helps you have a hearty and healthy stomach.

Type II Collagen also improves your gut lining, improving your digestive health. Moreover, if you eat enough collagen peptide on a daily basis, it will also strengthen your immune function.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions


In this section, we will address a few queries that you might have after reading our article till now. Let’s get started with it.

1. What Is The Ideal Dosage Of Collagen Peptides?

It will depend on the reason why you’re using the supplement. For example, if you want to utilize it to improve your skin tone, taking 2.5g to 5.0g of the same will suffice for you. But, when it comes to bone development, you may have to carry around 10.0g regularly.

2. Does Collagen Make You Gain Weight?

No, it does the exact opposite. If you consume the supplement and exercise regularly, it can help you lose weight much more prominently. Besides, it will also help you gain muscles and develop a better physique as well.

3. Can Collagen Make You Look Younger?

Definitely, thanks to the amino acid available in collagen peptide, it can make your skin a lot firmer than usual. Furthermore, the prominence of wrinkles and fine lines on your face will also get reduced following continuous usage.

4. Does Collagen Help Eyesight?

Yes, collagen is made of vitamin C, which can offer a better structure to your eyes. It, in turn, can protect your eyes against cataracts and prevent the ever-increasing progression of AMD.

The Final Say

Although collagen peptide is ideal for your health, it can still react wrongly with some drugs and medications. Therefore, before you start using a supplement product, make sure to talk to your doctor beforehand. Hopefully, it will help you avoid any further issues efficiently.