As we get older, we begin to age in more ways than one and while we cannot influence processes that are unavoidable and natural, there are certain ones we can have an influence on. This especially applies to our skin and a different kind of aging that has an effect on it over the years, something that is medically known as extrinsic aging.

While our collagen production naturally slows over time, extrinsic aging is caused by other factors such as poor lifestyle choices, as well as our environment. Bad habits, pollution, and the sun lead to wrinkles, damage, and sagging, but luckily, there are many things you can do to preserve your collagen and if you take extra care, even boost its production.

So, if this has piqued your interest and you are ready to learn more, here are some things you can try.

1UV Protection


Many people believe that sunscreen should only be applied if one is at the beach or swimming pool. However, this cannot be further from the truth.

UV rays have an effect whenever we are outside whether it is running an errand or spending time in the park. Get in the habit of applying sunscreen daily, even when you are wearing makeup, one that is water-resistant, broad-spectrum, and has an SPF of 30 or higher.

Bathing in the sun, using indoor tanning equipment, or a tanning bed will also have negative effects, so if you really want to bronze your skin, consider using a self-tanner instead.

2Get Rid of Bad Habits


Smoking is bad for our health in more ways than one. For our skin, it speeds up aging significantly and causes wrinkles too. Not to mention it affects the complexion, making it look dull and giving it an unhealthy yellow or pale brown color.

Drinking alcohol causes dehydration and over time, damage as well. When this happens, people tend to look much older than they actually are.

3Consider Your Diet


Having a well-balanced diet is important, so try eating as healthily as possible. Fresh fruits and vegetables are optimal since they provide a vast variety of minerals, vitamins, and nutrients. Plant proteins such as nuts, hummus, and soy are great for boosting collagen and the same goes for vitamin C. You can find it in foods such as broccoli, sprouts, tomatoes, dark leafy vegetables, kiwi, and oranges.

Subsequently, you should minimize your intake of sugary foods, refined carbohydrates, meals that are too salty, and processed foods.

4Don’t Be Afraid to Use Products


There are many misbeliefs when it comes to skin-care products and while it is true that some might do more harm than good, there are others that will do wonders for your skin. Creams with retinol, vitamin C serums, moisturizers, face masks, and even makeup can contain a lot of beneficial supplements and nutrients.

Certain products not only increase collagen levels, subsequently making your complexion more elastic and firmer, but they also offer SPF protection and shield from polluted micro-particles too. All you have to do is read the labels. If you are interested in learning more about such products, you can go ahead and click here.

5Exercise Regularly


As you can tell by now, leading a healthy lifestyle is important for your appearance. Doing even mild exercises, for example, every morning, will improve your blood flow, increase your heart rate, and boost your immune system. This can all affect your complexion, making it look and feel more youthful.

6Don’t Skip Your Routine


When we are stressed, too tired, or maybe both, it is understandable that we do not have the will to take care of ourselves. However, not washing your face can be detrimental, especially if you sweat a lot since it can cause inflammation and irritation. At least get into the habit of washing it twice a day if you cannot do it immediately after sweating.

Another huge mistake many make is going to sleep with makeup on. This is extremely harmful and speeds up aging too, so make sure you always remove it as soon as you get home. Moreover, the same goes for individuals who do not wear it.

Pollutants that are present in the air such as fine dust tend to stick to our skin. As a result, you might experience breakouts and irritation, all of it leading to aging. This means that even if all you want to do is go to bed, force yourself to clean your face. Even just using water is still way better than nothing.

7Be Gentle


Rubbing your face harshly or scrubbing it causes a lot of damage, irritation, and is overall bad for your complexion. Always remember to handle your face with care and be gentle no matter if you are washing it, applying products, or using makeup.

8Stay Hydrated and Moisturize


Drinking at least 8 glasses of water per day will do wonders for your complexion. Hydration is perhaps one of the most important things for preserving a youthful look, not to mention that it has other health benefits too.

Additionally, start applying moisturizer every day because it traps water and over time gives your complexion more elasticity and firmness. Consider adding a night cream to your routine too, although it is not as important as using one for the day.

Also, remember to apply any products you are using to your neck and hands as well.

9Massage Your Face


Giving your face a gentle daily massage has several great benefits. It helps increase collagen production, stimulates lymph glands which are responsible for getting a clean complexion, and they increase the overall plumpness of it as well.

10Exfoliate Occasionally


Whether you use scrubs or chemical exfoliants, removing dead skin is important for getting a healthy and radiant look. You do not have to exfoliate every day, in fact, it is not an optimal thing to do, but consider doing it occasionally if you do not feel like doing it regularly.


No matter how old you are, it is never too late to start taking care. Make sure you create an optimal routine and stick to it, skipping only if you have no other choice. Be careful and take your time to choose the right products as well, so that you will be able to get the best possible results and a complexion that many will envy you for.