When playing online games and especially sportsbooks games you will be given different bonus codes or referral codes at the beginning of your game. This also applies to most online casinos, as well as betting sites. However, which one bonus are you going to choose and stick with? There are loads of different kinds that you can go for, and there are different pros and benefits to every code that you should understand before playing. Keep on reading and understand your options down below!

What is the difference between different codes?


Once you are done signing up and registering onto the site you will be given different codes, such as promo, refer, marketing, referral, as well as bonus codes. However, we will talk about all of them later down below in-depth! Sportsbooks will allow you to use one code when playing their games, and they will track and try to understand your game path. If you refer their site to your friends and family they can also start playing the games while you will be rewarded by the site.

Can your bonus have a negative effect on you & your gameplay?

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This is possible, especially if you are not too sure what is good and what is bad. If you are a rookie you should be careful when it comes to picking out the best bonus for you. It is best to leave the field empty at first and to scroll through your different bonus options. Make sure that you do all the steps when it comes to your registration, such as email sending, verifying, as well as SMS confirmation. Only once all steps are done you will be rewarded with your bonus.

You should always enjoy your initial bonus, but never settle for less

Sportsbooks seek new clients each day, and they love to keep their customers happy and satisfied. They have to give them a reason to come back to their site, and they will always show appreciation. Try out your recommended bonus, but never settle for it if it seems like a bad or poor choice. Initial bonuses are 80% of the time the best go-to, as well as the safest solution. But it is always better to double-check and rather be safe than sorry.

4 Smart Ways to Use Sportsbook Promo Codes For You To Consider

1. There are sign-up bonuses

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Usually, initial sign-up deals and bonuses are the best kinds available at the moment. Your chosen site will make sure that you are satisfied and happy with their quality and their games since if you are, you won’t be going elsewhere, and you will not be making any other bets. These are the most lucrative, and you should consider them right away.

If you are not too sure which bonus to go for you can ask around and ask your friends for their opinion. You can also make an account from several different email addresses and see how each one works.

2. Re-loads bonuses

These are sign-up bonuses for their pre-existing customers. People who have already plaid their games and are coming back to their site all of a sudden will appreciate this kind. If you have minimal or low funds they will give you an incentive to put more cash in but to keep on wagering with them.

3. Refer to a friend

These offerings are usually common on any site, doesn’t matter if it is a sports betting or online shopping kind! If you sign up along with your friend you will get a thank you bonus for bringing more business to their site. New customers are always needed, as well as well-appreciated & welcome!

4. Product promotion

Often sportsbooks will allow you to enjoy a new product that is on their site. Is it an app or a live betting section? This all can vary! Product promotion also means that the site is willing to listen to reasonable requests, and they will try to make them happen if you are a valuable player.

What are the sportsbook bonus restrictions?

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When playing different kinds of games and on most sites, you will have to fill out their basic registration info, but also follow some rules and the basics. For most people, having an account active for a certain amount of time is one of them. Once you’re approved and you get the green light you can have fun both through your phone or your computer, the choice is up to you!

What about rollover requirements?

Once you’re granted a bonus it is important to understand what a rollover is. So, how does this work? Each bonus is assigned a multiple. So for instance, if you deposit $200 and get a 50% bonus ($100) this can come with a 10x rollover. What does this mean? Well, you can’t withdraw money until you bet 10 times the initial deposit and your bonus. This is the case for most online sites.

Where to play & win big?


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Are you ready to have fun?

Are you ready to have fun the right way and explore different kinds of games as well as unique bets? Are you a fan of good deals, amazing multiple bets, as well as large bonuses? Let us know what is your usual go-to, and how comfortable are you switching between different kinds of bonuses and new sites. Also, which game do you usually prefer playing, and which is your typical go-to bonus option? We would love to know!