Every day you go to work in offices, restaurants, banks… Once there, you have to focus on your daily tasks and responsibilities in order to live better. Moreover, it is a place where you spend most of your time. That is why the relationship with colleagues is very important. Especially during free time, when you have a break.

1. Business relationships

These are usually quite formal during the working day. They are usually limited to strictly professional matters, of mutual respect. However, later on, when people leave, they become more lively and trusting. Especially when the well-known company dinners or events take place. At these, everything starts off very well, with everyone dressed up and taking care of their manners. But later, with the help of food and drink, everything changes. Because on these occasions there is usually plenty of food and drink, usually a buffet and open bar to enjoy as much as you want. That’s when the craziness begins.

As it is a different environment and atmosphere, people tend to be uninhibited and let themselves go. They forget about routine, stress, and the pressure of daily tasks and enjoy themselves. Therefore, it is often a better time to really get to know your colleagues. At least, what they want to show. In fact, it is at these events that you often discover the true personality and way of being of some co-workers. There are no bosses or subordinates, everyone is equal for one night. Everyone talks, dances, and gets close to everyone, regardless of their position. At that moment there is no status and everyone is equal, alcohol makes the shame disappear and relationships become closer.

2. Who is who?

Because there are people of all kinds, more or less shy, talkative, organized, elegant, natural… Some love to talk about everything they own and have achieved, about what they are like. Others end up demonstrating their skills on the dance floor. There are even those who are always accompanied by their partner, or who is supposed to be their partner… Because there are some who resort to women who work as professional escorts, the well-known escorts from Skokka. In the end, for many, appearance comes first and they prefer their co-workers to think that they lead a life of luxury and success in reality. That is why they never take on a more inferior role and it is always more about ” appearance ” than reality, especially at such events.

Because you know how these things start but you never know how they end. There is a multitude of unexpected situations, conversations, and comments that can lead to many others that are even less expected. It doesn’t matter what you prepare yourself or the strategy you want to follow in order to keep your composure in front of your colleagues. It is very difficult not to end up saying or doing something you shouldn’t, such as ending up in bed with another attendee. In the end, everyone’s true self comes out. It always ends up happening in these situations, the most unexpected.

Maybe that person with whom you don’t really get along in the office and you don’t even speak to will surprise you, and you end up holding each other and toasting for how much you love each other. Or the other way around, the best and most talkative colleagues confess that they really hate each other and can’t stand each other. You also have to be prepared because you might end up seeing the boss, who everyone respects, with his tie on his head, singing something unintelligible after a few too many drinks. Or you may even end up inviting all the men in the office to enjoy with some beautiful escorts at the end of the evening. Who knows? These are the kind of nights that you only know how they start. You never know how they are going to end, you can never say that this or that is going to happen. Don’t take anything for granted because without knowing how or why what you least expect may end up happening.

3. The morning after a business dinner

image source: unsplash.com

But the best part is usually the next morning, the reunion in the office when everyone is back to the people they were before that night. Everyone’s body is still not fully recovered. Seeing each other’s faces and flashes of moments from the previous event appear in your mind. Or that night may have completely disappeared from memory. So, most of the time, they just pretend nothing happened and make a comment recalling a specific moment of the event during a break or at the next party. Some will arrive at the office with their heads down, some will whisper in the corners between workers, and others may not even know why they are looking. The day after is always a mystery.

That’s why these company meals and events are so special and so much fun, where all employees take the opportunity to let off steam and have fun together with everyone else. But above all, in the end, it is very important to remember where everyone is. Because not everything that happens in these places stays there. Jokes and certain topics of conversation are better to do outside working hours. Because a work colleague can become, over time, a best friend and confidant. But it can also be the other way around, and they can only complicate the lives of others.

Each person is the way they are, and in the end, you spend as much or more time at work as you do at home or with your family. So any argument, problem, slip-up, flirtation, or whatever can mean the world. Mostly because it is closely related to the salary on which everyone depends to eat and live. It is therefore advisable to take care of the office environment and get to know those who work there or are in it. Mostly because they end up influencing for better or worse your stay there.