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When it comes to romantic relationships one of the most important events is the proposal. A proposal date symbolizes many things. Firstly, it symbolizes your full devotion to your significant other. Marriage is a lifelong commitment, and the fact that you are proposing it means that this man or woman is the one. However, before you do propose you should make the event as special as possible. Here are 7 tips on how to propose properly.

1. Choose a Date

Before you start planning your wedding proposal, it is important that you choose a date. When you choose the date, you should make sure that your proposal date has a certain significance; it could be the same date as your first date, or it could be the same date of your first kiss or any other significant event in your relationship together. However, if you have a limited timeline because of a job or something equally important, then you could choose a random day. Overall, what’s important is that you choose a date and stick to it.

2. Pick out an engagement ring

Engagement rings are a central point of the marriage proposal nowadays. So you should make it a priority to purchase one. However, if you are going to choose an engagement ring, you should not pressure yourself to buy an overly expensive one. If you could afford one with a big diamond then do so, however, if you have a limited budget then just pick out the one that you could afford. However, if you don’t have any issues with a budget you should definitely check black diamond engagement rings. They are expensive and unique. Via this link, you can find those rings at affordable prices. As important as engagement rings are, it is nowhere near as important as the proposal itself. So just purchase a ring that you could afford, and fully focus on the overall plan for your proposal.

3. Tell Only a Few Trustworthy People

Planning a marriage proposal could be challenging to do by yourself. It is advisable that you ask for help from family and friends. Remember that you will need people to take a video of the proposal.

You will also need people to set things up while you’re getting ready to propose, however you should make sure that you could trust these people to keep a secret. Remember that some people are very excitable or could not keep a secret. Even if you promise them to secrecy, they may not be able to help themselves, and accidentally blurt something to your partner.

So it is best that you keep your circle as small as possible. The fewer people, the fewer chances of the plan being leaked to your significant other. Fewer people will also make it easier for you and the group to plan out the proposal.

4. Choose the Right Place

When you choose the place for your marriage proposal, it is important that it is of a certain significance. Don’t just take your significant other to a random cafe, and then just pop the question. This is not really romantic, and there is no significance to the place. So before you start preparations for your proposal, you should take a look back on memory lane. Think back on your earliest days together, and try to remember the first places that you went to.

Was there a particular cafe that you and your partner used to go to? Was there an event that you and your partner used to attend regularly? By choosing the right venue, you’ll be able to elevate your marriage proposal.

5. Write a Short Speech

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If you want to make your proposal to be as special as possible, you should make a short speech. It does not really have to be overly long or eloquent. It will just make your proposal seem cheap or drawn out. Instead, you should keep it short and sweet. Just tell your partner how much he or she means to you. Be honest with your feelings, and tell your partner why you want to get married. Be open with your feelings and allow yourself to be vulnerable.

Even if you are not a good writer and a bit awkward, you should not ask other people to write your speech for you. Just speak from the heart, and you’ll be alright.

6. Use Decorations and Unique Lights

If you want your proposal to really make an impact with your partner, you should invest in quality decorations and unique lighting. Remember that the proposal is going to be a very important event for you and your partner. So it is important that you invest in your proposal date.

It all really depends on your theme and the kind of decorations you want to have. It is a good idea to invest in lighting fixtures like fairy lights or better yet flexible LED screens. The latter are particularly effective because they are capable of showing high-definition graphics and images. They are easy to construct and can create an incredibly romantic backdrop for your proposal date. If you are interested in using LED screens for your proposal date, you should contact LED companies such as Viewpoint, you can visit their website here. This company offers a large selection of LED screens, and they could help make your proposal day a truly special one.

Tip: You could use the LED screens to showcase some of the memories you’ve made together with your loved one!

7. Match the Theme to Your Partner’s Preferences

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When you plan out the early parts of your proposal, you should make sure you match your proposal’s theme to your partner’s preferences. If your partner is easygoing and won’t really care about the designs or place then you could just do it during a picnic or a hike. However, if your partner has a specific taste, or he or she already discussed proposal plans with you, then you should follow the plans to the letter.


If you are in a very committed relationship, and you feel that this person is the one, then you should make sure that your proposal is special. With these tips, you’ll be able to plan a truly perfect proposal.