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The world of online dating is developing in an entirely new direction. Instead of merely helping people find those with something in common with them, the dating services of the future will be hyper-focused on helping their customers find specific types of people. How will they manage to give people the connections they crave? We’re going to show you the five most important technologies that have been developed in recent years to help with this outcome.

1. Search for couples near you using geolocation

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First and foremost, you’ll find that most online dating sites are putting forth the effort to work in your specific area. That does not mean you will find entire sites dedicated to helping you find local dates. Instead, the websites utilize GPS and geolocation elements to help people find partners that are in their local area.

When you log into most social media today, you can tag yourself in a location. The same concept applies to current and future dating services. They ask you where you are located or the area in which you want to date. Using the site clickandflirt as an example, you can consider a geolocation technology that is looking for partners near you, in your city. If you are in New York City, you will only see people from that city or a specific measure of distance away. This will be based on the distance that you find acceptable, of course. You could always try to meet someone further or closer than they are to you.

Geolocation can be a lot more specific, too. You will find it’s possible to use some dating sites that allow people to get a ping when someone on the site is nearby. So, you could be on your way home from work, get a message from someone walking near you, and then head to a nearby coffee house for a date!

2. Selection of the best matches using AI

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The biggest change to the world of online dating will come in the form of Artificial Intelligence (AI). This tool is going to examine every bit of information that you put onto the site, the searches you perform, and your behavior to help you get the most out of your dates in the future.

AI will analyze the information you provide to help you find dates that meet all the criteria you have set forth. AI will also consider the subconscious behaviors in which you participate, too. For example, if you tend to go to profiles of women in a certain age group or with a specific body type, AI will take those elements into consideration to help you find a date.

In the future, you may not have to search much at all. You will go through an initialization period, and then the AI will take over for you (if you desire, at least). Your profile will be given a list of people that apparently have the features you like in a partner, and then you can decide if the match is good or not. It will be much more sophisticated than the systems in place right now.

3. Cybersecurity

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People that are using online dating sites to find singles must be aware of their security at all times. This is especially true when you are dating someone online. People tend to give out valuable information such as their name, address, and even financial data. As such, it is up to the dating websites and apps of the future to provide safeguards that will give their users a feeling of security while they’re dating online.
You will see AI integrated into this area of websites, too. AI will help:

  • Detect and block scammers
  • Lockout people who break rules
  • Seek patterns in posts and messages to determine who is a bot

Moreover, other forms of cybersecurity will start with the device you use along with the app. Future users may have to log in with a face scan or a fingerprint scan. Biometrics are hard to hack. Basically, dating sites will seem a tad more invasive, but they will be a lot safer.

4. Integration of Online dating with other services

The internet of things (IoT) will increase the way that online dating works with different devices, but you can expect online dating to work with other services, too. Specifically, you can expect dating apps and sites to work with:

  • Music and media apps
  • Security apps
  • Software as a Service (video platforms)
  • Virtual Reality Services
  • Augmented Reality

You can count on VR and AR becoming a major force in the world of online dating, too. VR and AR products will partner with online dating sites to help people have a closer and more fulfilling online dating experience. Using VR, a person can date someone anywhere in the world while talking with a virtual rendition of their partner. Of course, that will likely be an avatar instead of a full-body rendition for the near future, but the technology is developing rapidly in that sector.

5. Modern interfaces and chats

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Communications have not been forgotten when it comes to modern technologies used in online dating. The future tech is going to feature a lot of clearer communication models such as:

  • Better, clearer video chats
  • More gif, emojis, and reactions in chat
  • VR and AR tech
  • AI chatbots

Future dating apps and sites will have a fantastic array of communication features that will help people feel closer to their partners than ever before. Even though online dating has already bridged the distance between people with smartphones and live video chatting, the future refinement of these dating elements will completely change what we know about digital romance.

The future of online dating is looking brighter every day. People will find that using online dating will not be a mere mimicry of real romance; it will be a unique, wonderful, and complete experience. Of course, the technology required to make this a reality has a ways to go yet, but it will get there!