A lot of people of all age categories use online dating sites. Seniors over 70 aren’t exceptions. They can be happy at that age just as anyone else can be happy in their 20s, 30s, and 50s. Age isn’t an obstacle to healthy relationships, sex, or love at all. Online dating helps to reach it very well.

Are there any totally free dating sites for seniors over 70? This is what many people wonder about. Yes, there are different websites, both free and paid ones. If you can use something totally for free, why would you pay for it? The question is very reasonable and as always, there is a certain “but.”

Below, you will see all the truth about free and paid dating sites, what the difference is, and which of them will be better for you. Keep reading and make the right choice. In your 70s, you hardly have much time for silly games, so the choice of totally free dating sites for seniors over 70 should be only the right one.


Yes, free dating sites exist

Moreover, they exist not only for seniors over 70 but for people of all age groups. If you browse the Internet, you will see lots of free dating sites popping up. Another question is whether all totally free dating sites for seniors over 70 are truly free – this is what we are going to cover below. You will find some free dating sites for sure and no one denies that.

Why should you pay for dating if you can get everything on totally free dating sites for seniors over 70? Your thoughts are very right, so let’s try to find the answer to that question below.

Free is not always good

Psychologists say that people never appreciate or cherish anything they get for free. You can disagree with that but this is how our mind works. Humans appreciate only something they invest in. This investment doesn’t always have to be financial. It can be the investment of effort, time, or money. This is not the only problem with totally free dating sites for seniors over 70 though.

Unfortunately, when something is too affordable (in our case, these are totally free dating sites), you are not protected. A free dating site is something anyone can use. There are no strict policies, no serious terms and conditions, and no moderators or admins who would verify users. To say that scammers can abuse that is to say nothing at all.

Unfortunately, if you get into a trap on one of totally free dating sites for seniors over 70 (and something tells us you may), you cannot complain to anyone because no one cares. You didn’t pay anything (or paid some nominal fee for your membership), so you cannot require anything. The problem with free dating sites is the complete absence of regulations.

If you do not want to play different games and find yourself in funny (or sad) situations, it is always better to pick a website where you are 100% prevented from doing this. As you can understand, such websites cannot be free but they will guarantee your smooth and hassle-free experience for sure.


Totally free dating sites vs paid dating services

Apart from the price, there are lots of other differences and it would be good to know about totally free dating sites for seniors over 70 and their paid versions:

  • Paid dating sites protect your privacy (your profile is always discreet and is visible only to verified females on the gallery);
  • Paid sites have strict anti-scam policies and you can always complain and get your money back in the case of disputes;
  • There is no customer support to solve your problems on totally free dating sites for seniors over 70;
  • Paid services verify their members manually and never allow fake profiles (yes, on totally free dating sites for seniors over 70, you can easily come across fake profiles with stolen photos);
  • 100% results can be possible only on reliable and reputable paid dating services.

Paid dating services do not always cost a fortune

Now, the main argument for paid dating services is that they can also be quite affordable. There is a belief that dating sites are always too expensive and rip their members off. This is just a myth. Plenty of dating services do not require any recurring payments, do not want you to buy membership or subscriptions, etc.

Their prices are often very low and allow you to communicate and date people paying very low fees for that. On such websites as, for example, you can get very affordable packages and find your match in a matter of an eye blink. Any senior single over 70 will find a suitable match since all of the women are strictly verified. When you pay, you pay for the quality and your safety. Do not forget about it. This is exactly what ensures your most positive dating experience.