We all have equal rights on roads. However, we all need to pay close attention to those who are walking on foot. Most pedestrian accidents occur because of the negligence of drivers, who break traffic laws. They put the lives of everyone at the risk and hence, they should follow all these rules so that the number of pedestrian accidents can be reduced. If you have been injured in such an accident, you must seek advice from an Atlanta pedestrian accident attorney. He is well-versed in the state laws for pedestrians and can advise you better.

What to do after a pedestrian accident?


You might not be in a good mental state to get up immediately and do anything. However, many times, bystanders may help you get aside. After you start to feel stable, you must follow the below-mentioned steps and help yourself:

Call an ambulance if needed

We all know that it is important to be medically fit before anything else. Therefore, if you believe that you have received severe injuries, you should ask someone to call the ambulance, your loved ones and the police at the same time. After the police have arrived, they will take down the details of the accident. It is highly recommended to become medically fit if you have suffered injuries even if they are minor ones. Without the medical report, you will not be able to obtain any compensation.

Gather necessary evidence


You should ask your loved ones to take the details of the accident such as the vehicle number and details of the driver. You should not leave the accident spot without noting these details because it will affect your claim to a great extent. Clicking pictures and videos will also help you file and win the claim. Apart from this, you should never forget to take the contact details of bystanders, who can be a witness in your case.

Obtain all your medical records

After getting medical attention from a nearby clinic, you should have copies of all medical reports such as blood tests, scans and medical history. Since they will play a vital role in your pedestrian accident claim, you should organize them properly from the beginning.

The doctor’s notes are also important because he will verify and validate your injuries so that you can get the right compensation.

Contact a pedestrian accident lawyer


It is not a good idea to hire an accident lawyer if you want to win the case. You can find them through official websites and call them to fix an appointment. Most of these lawyers are available for free consultations in which they discuss the case to ensure that it is a valid one. If the case stands valid, he will be able to assist you in the best possible way after you hire him.

You will be able to recover your losses if you file the claim well on time. A lawyer can handle everything on time if you don’t delay contacting him.