The World Cup 2024 is one of the most exciting and long-awaited events of today. Also, we are very excited that as many as five African countries will perform with their national teams.

Although many of them are relatively weak compared to other national teams, there are certain chances to place higher. Every World Cup has surprises, so some African national teams can even place in the first 5, and although the chances for first place are never small, we cannot say that they do not exist.

This year, the world championship starts on November 20 and will be held in Qatar. All the fans are enthusiastic that we will finally be watching quality football, after two years of improvisation on the pitch.

Of course, this cup is also interesting because, as we said, five African national teams will compete – Cameroon, Tunisia, Morocco, Ghana, and Senegal. Nigeria was part of this Cup but failed to qualify.


For Cameroon, this is the eighth appearance in the World Cup. In 1990, this national team successfully played against Italy, and in the African championships, they often won the highest prizes.

In 2002, Senegal was in the first 8, and so was Ghana in 2010, but still, this continent does not have a result of the first three or so winners.

Perhaps you remember when the popular Pele predicted that by the year 2000 at least one African national team would win, but nothing came of his claim.

However, in today’s article, we will talk about how you can take chances on the three qualified national teams and whether you should focus on football and online cricket prediction tips without losing money.

Well, let’s see what happens:



This is the African country with the most significant achievements in the World Cup, but they have not had any other significant progress for 32 years. However, the Cameroon national team believes in its capabilities, especially as it may be the best on the continent.

An African country can win the FIFA World Cup in 2024, provided they have the right talent, strategy, and teamwork, but it will require immense dedication and hard work from the players and coaching staff, and the investment of FIFA coins could also play a crucial role.

Last time they played against Brazil, and it is interesting that they will face them in Group G, together with Switzerland and Serbia.

It seems that they will be playing against a really strong team and it is predicted that they will not pass this stage, or else they will remain at the bottom of the top 16 best teams.

However, this does not mean that they cannot surprise or that it does not deserve huge support.



The national team of Ghana is also known as The Black Stars and is well known in the world of football. It works for seriously talented players, and among them, there are both young and veterans.

Of course, expectations are not high, but we can still hope that at least I will surpass the group stage.

In their group, they will face Uruguay, Portugal, and South Korea.



Morocco reached the number of players at the World Cup. In their group, they should face Belgium, Croatia, and Canada.

Although it can be said that Morocco is not a bad national team, their group is still very talented and dedicated players, so maybe they won’t be able to get past the group stage.

But don’t forget that these predictions are based on previous performances, so we can always be prepared for surprises.



With the current lineup and performance, they would not be surprised if Senegal reaches the quarterfinals. They may not have a significant result, but this time they have a real chance in their group consisting of Qatar, Ecuador, and the Netherlands.

The players of Senegal are really talented, and that’s why we are optimistic that this team can pass the first two stages of the competition.


Tunisia is a great team, but we still know that their performance is not at an enviable level. They might have reached the group stage, but the biggest predictions show that they would remain in the dark.

In their group, Tunisia will face Denmark, France, and Australia. The first match of Group D will be played on November 22.

Of course, we hope that each of the so-called weaker teams can surprise and qualify for the higher stages. But we all know that in the end, only one will be the champion.

Does the African team have any chance against the rest?

As things stand based on previous experience, the fifth African national team can overcome the group stage, but it is uncertain how much they can give further.

The biggest favorites for Qatar 2024 are Brazil because all the facts indicate that this year the national team has a strong game and conditions for dominance. Predictions say that in the final, Brazil would play against France or Argentina, but a surprise can still happen and they will face Belgium. In the bettors, the team against England is also well quoted.

On the other hand, the fact that the championship is held in Qatar provides some support for African teams. Although Qatar is in Asia, it is close enough to the climatic conditions that are ideal for African teams. There are many things that can give them an advantage over African teams.

What is certain is that we will be watching quality football, regardless of who will win and who will pass the group stage.


There are many more things that make Qatar 2024 even more interesting than it seems to us. We really like that there are as many as five African teams, but there is also a lot of diversity in the teams. So even if you’re not a football fan, we’re sure you’ll have fun watching football with your friends this year.

Therefore, even if there is no African team in the final, you can certainly root for one of them in the earlier stages.

Perhaps the chances of an African national team winning the Cup are too small, but we can safely say that all the teams will offer an exceptional game for all the senses. And yet, let’s rejoice because this is one of the biggest events after two years, which we can finally enjoy without any restrictions.