The pharmaceutical equipment utilized to fill vacant capsules with components like powders or fluids is capsule filler. They are also referred to as encapsulators. Based on their intended usage, these encapsulators are separated into two categories: personal capsule filler devices and professional capsule filler devices.

Personal capsule filler equipment is intended for use and manufacture on a small scale. For big-scale production of pharmaceuticals, professional capsule fillers are the best.

Explaining The Working Mechanism Of Liquid Capsule Filling Machines

Simply put, a certain equipment known as a capsule filling device is utilized to load empty capsules with necessary ingredients. There are various types of liquid capsule-filling machines whose working principle is almost entirely different.

Manual Liquid Filling Machines

This kind of liquid-filling equipment is entirely manual and runs without electricity. A manual encapsulator is utilized individually and can be employed in applications where a proper quantity of ingredients needs to be put into a capsule.

In comparison to manually pouring fluid, it aids in improving precision and output momentum. Manual liquid filler devices are appropriate for laboratory or small-scale operations. These filling devices retain loading trays with about 300-hole capacity.

A functional powder tray is also connected to the device. The pin plate performs as a mechanical filter and a capsule cap closing plate. The device is associated with a cam handle that naturally retains a loading tray with 300 holes. The manual filler equipment is dependable for generating capsules according to the client’s requirements.

Inline Liquid Filling Machines


This type of machine empties containers that are lined up in one row down the conveyor method with both low and high-viscosity fluid. These devices are made to load fluid and semi-liquid items in a wide range of capsule forms and viscosities. They can fill the content in various sizes of pharmaceutical capsules.

Small and medium-sized firms most typically utilize these machines to increase filling effectiveness. It is suggested to acquire the best liquid capsule filling machine that is adequate for your industrial requirements.

Fully-Automatic Liquid Filling Machines

The automatic liquid capsule filler device can finish both the hard capsule’s sealing and fluid filling processes. The ingredients can be directly loaded into capsules with the automatic capsule filler machine, which eliminates the necessity for physical operators.

These capsule-filling devices are capable of incorporating any type of fluid, powder, or particle into the capsule’s body. The automatic filling device can also function as a full system by connecting other devices like a dust extractor, capsule polishing appliance, capsule sorter, and vacant pill ejector.

This kind of liquid-filling device is a popular option for large businesses since it can manage activities on a massive scale and demands high production. All viscous fluids and liquid food ingredients are primarily poured using this method.

Semi-Automatic Liquid Filling Machines


A mixed device that combines manual and automatic capsule-filling methods is the semi-automatic capsule-filling device. A syringe, nozzle, and piston are commonly used to guarantee a zero-drip process. Almost any fluid, even pharmaceuticals and cleaning solutions, can be filled with this type of device.

Limited operator interaction is required for semi-automatic devices. They go well with the hygienic standards required in the pharmaceutical sector because of the way they are designed. The good structure and fewer maintenance requirements make it a long-lasting piece of machinery.

Bottom Line

Based on whether you buy a manual machine, semi-automatic machine, or automatic liquid capsule filling device, you get different outcomes. Make sure to buy a decent quality and sturdy machine from a reliable manufacturer to ensure you are getting the best value for your budget.