As a pedestrian on the roads of Los Angeles, you are more likely to suffer catastrophic injuries in an auto accident than someone who is inside a passenger vehicle. Sadly, pedestrian accidents happen quite often in the city, and few victims get the compensation they deserve. If the driver was negligent in any matter, you have the right to recover a settlement. In such situations, it is best to have a Los Angeles pedestrian accident attorney on your side. Below is an overview of what an attorney can do for your claim.

  1. Your lawyer can explain the situation. Even if you were injured as a pedestrian, you must prove that the other party was liable for your injuries. There are various aspects of a pedestrian accident claim, which can be hard to understand as the laws are often complex. An attorney can ensure you know all options to decide what’s best for the given circumstances.
  2. Your lawyer can help review the claim. What can you expect when filing a pedestrian accident claim? What is the likely settlement? How long will it take to recover compensation? These are some common questions that victims often have on their minds. A skilled lawyer can check the initial facts to give you clear answers. The good news is most law firms don’t charge a fee to offer consultations for pedestrian accident claims.
  3. Your lawyer can investigate. You also need an attorney to ensure a proper investigation into the accident. The insurance company will also do the same, but the team is not working for you. In fact, the claims adjuster will want to prove otherwise so that they don’t have to pay huge for the claim. A pedestrian accident lawyer can gather info and evidence to verify that the other party was accountable for your losses.
  4. Your lawyer can deal with the claims adjuster. Dealing with the insurance company can be trickier than you know. Instead of trying to find tactics and tricks, let an attorney negotiate your pedestrian accident claim. They can ensure that you don’t settle for a low offer and that all relevant aspects are discussed. You can also refuse to give a statement unless your lawyer says so.

Understanding Pedestrian Accidents


Understanding the cause and dynamics of pedestrian accidents is essential to any successful personal injury or wrongful death claim resulting from such accidents. Pedestrians, who have the right-of-way in many cases, may be hit when crossing a street or walking on it. They may be hit by drivers who fail to follow traffic regulations such as stop signs, yield signs and proper turn signals. Drivers may also be negligent by not obeying posted speed limits, failing to maintain an appropriate lookout for pedestrians or for sudden stops made by other cars or bicycles.

Types of collisions primarily involving pedestrians are broad and varied. These include side swipes, t-bone collisions at crosswalks, rear end collisions from turning vehicles striking a pedestrian who was crossing at an intersection and international crashes in which a pedestrian is caught between two cars in opposite directions that crash into each other. Inadequate lighting or illumination can contribute to these types of crashes while they are crossing the street at night.

Finally, your attorney can also file a pedestrian accident lawsuit if they find that there is no better way to get a fair settlement, for which they will take care of the legal process.