Although cars get safer every year, road fatalities continue to rise significantly. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are about 13 accidents every minute, costing the economy a whopping $474 billion. According to NHTSA, there were over 42,000 auto accident fatalities in the past year, while over four million people sustained serious injuries from automobile collisions.

If you suffered injuries from a car accident, filing a car accident lawsuit is essential. Auto accident attorneys are your best shot at winning the lawsuit and getting the damages you deserve. Here’s why you need an auto accident attorney.

1. Guidance Throughout the Process


The primary reason why you need a car accident lawyer is because of the help they provide to hold your hand throughout the legal process. Given the industry’s jargon, you may need help understanding what is happening as the legal battle continues. That is why you need a professional to guide you through every step. They will prepare the documents your case requires and help you know probable outcomes as the hearings proceed.

In addition, they handle auto accident claims daily, so they know what causes accidents, their short-term and long-term implications, and the worth of each claim. Once you give your account of the accident and they do their research, they can almost tell you the accurate outcome of your case.

2. Representation


Auto accident attorneys also provide representation in hearings. Appearing before a judge can be daunting and scary; many people don’t know how to proceed. Your lawyer represents you in court, making things clear for you, the judge, and the people around you.

Being alone can be intimidating, and you may end up blurting out something that could make things worse. The lawyer also ensures the court understands your side of the story. As you focus on healing and easing your pain, an auto accident attorney provides all your options for pursuing a claim and will apply the law effectively to win your case.

3. Getting Proper Compensation


Once an auto accident attorney presents your case in court and wins the argument, they help you get a handsome settlement. Therefore, you need a competent lawyer to discuss settlement details on your behalf, ensuring you get what you are entitled to and not less. Insurance companies are ready to exploit your inexperience by offering unfair settlements.

However, a seasoned attorney strengthens your claim because they know they are dealing with a professional. Auto accident attorneys know the outcomes that warrant compensation and how to assess the damages. Their experience helps with compensation seeking, and you can rest knowing that your compensation will be what you deserve to move on with your life.


If you are involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault, it may seem reasonable that things should work in your favor after filing a lawsuit. However, auto accident cases get complicated quickly, and insurance companies can get brutal. Therefore, you will need the help of a seasoned auto accident attorney before filing your lawsuit to help you with the process and represent you to ensure you get a favorable outcome.