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A concussion is the most common injury during a car accident, and it is very important to know how to recognize this injury since it requires immediate treatment and can cause some more serious problems. Therefore, it is essential to call the ambulance as the first action after the car accident. Even though the campaign related to the reasons why people should drive more safely lasts for decades and that we have modern vehicles that can keep the driver safer, car accidents are not as rare as expected.

According to the statistics, there are over 15,000 car crashes every day only in the United States. Therefore, it is crucial to learn how to act in these situations. For example, if the accident is not your fault, you should avoid arguing with other participants in the crash. You can always hire a lawyer specialized in this field, like Naqvi Injury Law. Instead of arguing, check if everyone is on the safe, and remove the car from the road.

Also, it is very important to learn how to recognize a concussion. The most common signs are ringing in the head, dizziness, loss of memory, headache, irritation, lack of concentration, and more. Also, there are cases where people don’t feel any of these rights after the accident. Therefore, it is very important to visit the hospital on the first notice of it. Here are the most important things to do in case you suffered a concussion after a car accident.

1. Learn to Recognize Symptoms

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As we already mentioned, it can be crucial to call an ambulance after the car crash even if it seems that you don’t have any injuries. The boost of adrenaline in your body might lead you to feel less pain. You can feel various side-effects days after the accident. Besides that, there is also a chance that you damaged your neck, chests, or even have internal bleeding. Moreover, calling 911 right after the crash can be crucial in your legal process against the person that caused the crash.

2. How to Treat Concussions?

Depending on the level of injuries, the treatment can last for more than one month. It is necessary to avoid stress and physical activities during that time. In most cases, people won’t have any serious side-effects from this injury, but there is always a chance to make it worse if you don’t follow the instructions of the doctor. Also, if you notice that the side-effects are remaining the same for a longer time, be sure to call the doctor and go for a further examination. Moreover, you are also going to get examined by various tests like CT scans, MRIs, and neurological tests where you can find out whether the crash has caused some more serious injuries that might leave permanent consequences.

3. Create a Valid Detailed Report

While it is crucial to call the ambulance as your first action, you will also have to file a medical report of your injuries. That is the only way that can allow you to seek compensation from the other participant and the insurance company. Therefore, you should make a detailed report of your injuries, and the main issue is that concussions can last for weeks. In that matter, you can visit the ambulance at regular intervals and add every health issue to the report. Besides that, it is essential to hire an expert in this field to represent you in the court and seek the maximum compensation.

4. Seek a Compensation

After the whole process of examination and treatment is finished, you are ready to file a report to the officials where you will ask for compensation. The responsible side will have to compensate you for the money spent on the treatment and repair of your car. The best solution is to have a good insurance company. Since they are familiar with these cases, there is a chance that they might recommend you a good lawyer since it goes in their favor that someone else will have to pay for the damage.

On the other side, you can still seek compensation from the insurance company depending on the model you have chosen to pay. However, it is essential to learn more about this process and to file an accurate report since even the slightest mistake or missing to add something important can lower the amount of your compensation.

Last Words

Learning more about the legal process will help you to stay focused on other aspects during the accidents, which are the most important at the moment. It is not a rare case that people start fighting over who is responsible for the car crash. You can avoid that by immediately calling 911. It is their job to determine who is responsible if both sides won’t agree on that.
Safety should be the first thing on your mind. Therefore, you should look if there are people around you with injuries, and remove the car from the road to avoid traffic jams or even another accident. After you are sure that everyone is safe, you can start dealing with a legal process where you will have to file a report. The main issue related to concussions is that you might feel side-effects of it after a couple of days.

However, if you avoid visiting the hospital right after the accident, and if the police write their report where it says how you don’t have any injuries, the whole process will become much more difficult. For example, the insurance company will not be obligated to compensate you for the damage to your vehicle and medical treatments if you left the spot without a proper report.
Moreover, you have to know that it is very important to never claim that you are guilty after the accident because it might not be your fault at all. The best way is to contact your lawyer right and wait for the legal process in court.