Learning a language isn’t a new concept. Still, not many people have experienced it because most people have continually been educated through a physical institution where the teachers and students have to show up in person every day. Today, when we have advanced our technology so much, it has become relatively easier to teach it online. Many colleges or universities have adopted this technique to be more convenient for the students.

When talking about learning a new language, the tutor’s understanding of any language that would be taught should be apparent. The student studying online understands everything and learns quickly with the right help. It gives time feasibility, unlike physical classes, and one can record lectures to listen to the session later and clear all their doubts.

The teacher needs to be interactive towards students and give a lecture and end the class, but interaction also clears many problems and encourages students to participate in class actively. Moreover, the tutor needs to have complete knowledge about the language to give the correct guidance and teach students without any confusion. Click here to explore Italian teachers on Preply.


Pros of Online Learning and Studying a New Language

Before planning to learn any language, it is essential to understand its benefits and drawbacks. Whether or not a course is held online or physical, a quality program can help in balancing the cultural context with learning skills, for instance, active and passive skills. Below are some pros of online learning so that one has a clear idea of whether to go for it or not.

Online Italian Teachers on Preply Are Highly flexible

The advantage of enrolling in an online course or working with Italian teachers on Preply is that the schedule can be adjusted according to the person’s availability. When the person is occupied in the job, housework, and different things that make the person busy, it can be difficult.

But thankfully it can be progressed both full-time and part-time. Indeed, it allows the person to stay in their comfort zone so that space can be created according to personal tastes and preferences.

Online Tutoring is Affordable and Accessible

One of the most significant advantages of learning a language online with tutors is that it is easily available to people from various backgrounds. They can have different resources, programs, scholarships for anyone and everyone. It is easier to give feedback in classes and tutoring sessions, and additional digital tools can make the classroom feel like a physical class. All this can happen in the online courses without paying the hefty price tag to the institutes.


Easier For Introductory Students

Learning a different language can be challenging if the student is not already an advanced or intermediate speaker. This is true for individuals who may decide to live in a city where the target language is spoken together with the local or other ones. This is overwhelming if the person does not have a solid base in the target language first. Hence, having the basics online with a tutor can help build the foundation to study, work, volunteer, or even live abroad later.

It is Safe and Secure to Stay At Home

In this context, we can talk about this pandemic worldwide due to COVID-19, which has impacted many people. Therefore, the best way to be sure about health is to remain in the house and follow all the health practices as advised by the World Health Organization. This way, learning is more accessible by staying in the house. This can help in prioritizing studying without risking the life of your own family, teachers, and friends.

Cons of Online Learning

After discussing the pros of online learning, some cons need to be considered to make an effective decision for language learning.

Limits the face-to-face opportunities and networking

One of the attractions of learning a language is getting to walk around different areas to get lost during the first week. You’ll ask for directions from the friends, and they can help with all the things. Beyond the daily interaction with strangers, the friendships gained while learning it abroad can be helpful for career networking and higher education.


At the same time, remember that intensive tutoring helps you get a leg up in life and helps you to accelerate your knowledge faster. While the immersive opportunities will come, remember that you must always accelerate your ability to speak, by working with tutors first.

Limited Ability to Gain Crucial Intercultural Proficiency Skills

An essential aspect of starting a different language online is processing the culture shock. Despite the intense emotions and immense frustration associated with culture shock, it is vital to learn to navigate different cultures.

This results in increased empathy and other aspects:

  • Better appreciation.
  • A more profound understanding of the culture.
  • The ability to navigate between cultures.
  • The degree of a society and its language are best learned from person to person.

But thankfully, with online tutoring, you can learn more about these cultural aspects and as questions to your tutor to learn more about the culture as well.

Fluency is best achieved when immersed in a language abroad

Learners living in their host country learn to put down their vocabularies to communicate with the locals. A significant disadvantage to this type of learning is the ease and constant access to pull up a digital dictionary to check a word and to say in a sentence without actively putting together into their mastered vocabulary. That is why learning a language through interest and uninterrupted communication is the best way to gain fluency.

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At the same time, remember that your tutors can converse with you and show you if you are making progress learning it. If you are making progress learning the language as you converse with them, then that shows that you can speak fluently.

Inability to Visit Traditional Cultural Scenes

Although some governments and NGOs have started virtual tours of different sites and or other cultural treasures, it is not the same as visiting the place itself. The virtual conception is exceptional and helpful. It cannot replace the experience of living in the host country speaking with strangers, friends, teachers, and more in your target one. The diversity of cultures is not applied when learning online, unfortunately.

But many people are not moving around during the pandemic at the present time and that provides online learning with tutors as an effective tool.

Speak Italian Online With Tutors

Regardless of whether attending classes online or physically for a learning course, the student must be motivated to learn the target language.

It reflects why the person wishes to learn it and use that angle to connect with native speakers and tutors online. Remember to be realistic with goals and to speak with others who know it well, it becomes easy to understand that one cannot become a fluent speaker in a night or even within just a year.

The student is going to make a lot of mistakes and enjoy learning the language. When proficiency advancement is doubted, always keep in mind why you have decided to learn it first and keep yourself motivated until you get fluent in it.