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You can’t learn everything by studying. Just hear us out before you start scowling; learning is a much faster experience than just memorizing a book or using flashcards right before a quiz. This fact holds true for any kind of subject, and learning a new language is no different. In fact, the best way to learn anything is to make it fun, and here are some fun ideas to help you with your next language!

1. Play Word Games

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It’s natural to think of games whenever we mention having fun. But how exactly can you play a game using a new language? It’s simple: play with its words! There are many popular word games you can play alone or with friends, both online and offline. Regardless of the game, you’ll find this website invaluable for unscrambling words. Most of these games test your vocabulary and ability to come up with words on the spot, so using a word-unscrambler will both help you learn new words while securing your win.

2. Watch Movies or TV Series

Here’s another way to get used to another language quickly: watching movies and series. After all, is there any better entertainment than having a marathon of your favorite movies, series, and shows? There is more than one way to get around this, you can first start by watching movies in your native tongue, albeit with the subtitles of the new language you’re learning. This will get you more familiar with the language structure and introduce new words to your vocabulary. Secondly, you can watch foreign shows to get used to listening to natural conversations. Depending on your level of proficiency, you can choose to play subtitles in your native tongue, in the foreign language, or watch without subtitles altogether.

3. Listen to Songs

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Listening to songs is another fun way to get more acquainted with your new language, but you’ll find that it’s much more than just learning a new language. While the concept is similar to watching a movie or a show in a foreign language, listening to foreign songs opens a door to the culture of the country, its artists, and its people – but all of that can be considered a plus. Songs are one of the best ways in learning a new language as they’re easy to memorize and sing along the tune, you’ll probably need to read the lyrics alongside the song at first though.

4. Shadow Native Speakers

Watching movies, listening to songs – in reality, these are just fun ways you can use to imitate native speakers. However, while these methods are all fun and games, you can only get an estimation as to how well your progress is going. If you’re looking for a way to accurately assess your growth, while still having the fun you’re looking for, then it’s better to download a shadowing app that provides you with a wide array of options. This way, you can keep diligent in your practice and achieve your goals quickly and steadily.

5. Get Active on Forums

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Rest assured, the internet has everything you need, whether you’re looking for it or not. In this case, you’ll probably never think about checking online forums to have fun learning your new language – but think again. By following and getting active on forums such as Reddit, you can find similar-minded people who are either learning a new language or helping those looking for effective ways. You’ll find both the advice and support you’re looking for, so can you really waste such a golden opportunity?

6. Play Video Games

This is a tricky one that won’t work for everyone. You can always just play the video games you’re used to playing but in a new language. You’ll be able to join a party from a different country quite easily in most games, and you can even check recorded streams before you decide to join the party to get familiar with their play style. If you’re a gamer already, you know why this won’t work for everyone; you’ll risk getting some heavy humiliation by the native team members – but that’s what a team spirit is all about, isn’t it?

7. Use Location-Specific Social Media

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You might be surprised to know that the social media platforms you’re using aren’t the standard in other countries. Many countries have their own social media platforms where they engage with each other. This can be a great opportunity for you if you look up what social media platforms the natives of your target language are using and signing up for an account. On a simpler note, you can just change the language of platforms you’re using to your new target language, look up native speakers in online groups, and make new friends while enjoying mastering the new language. Moreover, while texting is a great exercise for your fingers and brain, make sure to have verbal chats as well with your new friends to get better control.

8. Eat Out in an Authentic Foreign Restaurant

We’ve briefly mentioned it before, but learning a new language is so much more than memorizing new words and getting the language structure right. The most important thing that any language represents is the culture of the country. So, while getting a better idea about the culture will get you a step closer to mastering the native tongue, what better way to mastering a new tongue than getting a taste of their cuisine? If you’re studying abroad, then make sure to target local restaurants, and if you’re in your home country then look for authentic foreign restaurants to get a taste of the real experience. Chances are, you’ll find their menus written in the foreign tongue as well as foreign waiters and waitresses – just the opportunity you were looking for!

When you’re looking forward to learning a new language, there’s more to keep in mind than memorizing vocabulary, learning grammar, and writing well-structured sentences. The purpose for which you’re learning the language will certainly change your priorities, but it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun regardless of the purpose. Whether you’re looking to utilize your new language in writing, speaking, passing tests, or living abroad, make sure to keep your learning journey fun and exciting – that’s the best way to mastery.