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Studying at one of the most prestigious universities in the whole world bears a certain weight. Not only does the road to Oxford require the best of the best from students applying for this university but the path the foreign students take to get here is a bit more complicated than it is for of the locals. Therefore, having the optimal results from school back home is not enough when it comes to being a part of Oxford University.

What is important to underline is that although the road to the halls of this university may be a little rockier than it is for the homies, foreign students make more than a 30% of the total student population, while they represent almost a fifth of the undergraduates from the Oxford University. Taking these numbers into account makes it easy to conclude that foreign students play an important role in harvesting knowledge from the most prominent experts in their field world has to offer.

Becoming a part of this institution as a foreign student means that you must have proven worthy and that you have been awarded in the field of interest important for the course you want to study. Namely, having the highest grades seems never to be enough when applying to the university of this magnitude, therefore, extracurricular activities and other ventures regarding the subject mostly prove to be a valuable asset when trying to get inside the institution as Oxford.

On the other hand, if you are a truly dedicated student and if you have what it takes for Oxford, the things you need to do more than local students to obtain and secure your membership at this university are not to trouble you. Therefore, we are presenting you with the steps you will need to undertake on your journey towards one of the most special schooling facilities out there, and what should you expect as a foreign student in a new country.

1. Language Proficiency

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Nearly all the teaching at Oxford University, except when you study another language here, is done in the English language. Therefore, it is reasonable for foreign students to know and understand what are they being taught. Therefore, in order for their application to be accepted and taken into consideration, foreign students must either take additional tests showing their comprehension of English or provide certificates that correspond to the demands of the university. Their results must fulfill bare minimum standards in order to be taken into consideration. So, the higher are the results, the higher is your chance to be taken seriously. Students will use literature in English and talk to both their teachers and colleagues using the same language, therefore it would be unreasonable to accept students without the ability to communicate with those surrounding them.

2. Acquiring a Visa

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If you are a student whose place of residence is outside of EEA or Switzerland, it is highly likely you will need to apply for a Visa in order to study at Oxford. Namely all students that do not come from the countries of the European Economic Area should take care of their documentation before coming to England. What is the case most frequently is that the foreign students are required to apply for tier 4 (general) Visa and acquire it as a part of their regular documentation for foreign students. This is not just an issue regarding Oxford University, but it concerns the entrance to the country. Therefore, when you get to the mainland of the United Kingdom and do not know where to go, consider consulting for the local guidelines and places you could visit.

3. International Qualification

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For your results to be valued and taken into consideration they must meet certain standards. Namely, A levels are mostly taken when you apply for Oxford University. Nevertheless, most foreign countries have different evaluating methods, therefore, an equivalent must be used to meet the requirements of the university. There are more than 150 different nations represented by foreign students being educated at Oxford, and all of them had to contribute suitable data regarding their grade equivalents to be taken into consideration.

4. Taking Tests

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Taking certain tests is something that both foreign students and locals do when applying to Oxford University. Although both types of students need to get through this segment to be a part of the university, their paths slightly differ. Namely, when applying for the first time you are given the information about what awaits you and you prepare for the exams according to what type of education are you applying for. According to TutorChase, doing certain tests under professional supervision at your home school is also an option, but certain arrangements and preparation must be done before. Therefore, you will have to specify if this is the type of test you want to take when you apply.

5. Interviews

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After you secure everything else, you are expected to have an interview about your chosen subject where you should do as brilliantly as you can since this is one of the most important parts of your evaluation. As a foreign student, you will be specially tested for your language proficiency and communication skills, since you are not talking in your mother tongue, but you are expected to be as proficient as it were. Therefore, making preparations and practice your speaking skills may prove a key factor when it comes to your interview.

6. Teachers

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When you finally reach the most desired university, try not to be disappointed when you meet your teachers. Namely, they may be the most qualified persons to teach you considering the amount of knowledge they possess, but bearing certain expertise is a different thing than passing that same knowledge to your pupils. This does not mean that you will not have excellent tutors, moreover stands here as a reminder if somebody demotivates you.

Since you have seen some of the most important things that wait for you on your path to becoming a student of one of the universities most known for the knowledge they keep, making certain preparations and updating your to-do list as a foreign student should be one of the priorities. Since one does not apply to an institution such as Oxford by chance, all the things aforementioned should not present a challenge. Nonetheless, you will only gain more experience in dealing with paperwork, which will definitely prove to be a valuable asset in the future.