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Starting college is both thrilling and stressful. This is supposed to be one of the greatest periods of your life, but you also know nothing about what awaits you. Most students crave independence before they start college, but find it really hard to adjust to the new life and handle their new obligations.

Yes, your first year of college will have its own challenges, but it’s also a wonderful new experience you should definitely try out.

If you are prepared for it, you will be able to adjust to the new life much easier. That being said, we present you with the 10 most common mistakes a college freshman can do, as well as some useful tips on how to fix them.

1Slacking Off the Studying Part


College prepares you for the future and basically trains you in the field you’ve selected. This means that there will be a lot of studying while you’re in college. The sooner you build good studying habits and hone your study skills, the easier will you adjust to the increased workload.

In college, you’ll have to do much more than you did in high school. Therefore, make sure that you find your most productive learning styles, create a study schedule and stick to it, and basically make the effort to get around the schedule that college demands. You can be more productive with the help of

2Missing Classes

A big number of new students skip classes. They stay late at night to attend parties and sleep through important classes. Others can’t organize their time properly or simply forget about a class or two.

Now that you’re a college student, you need to be more responsible. Every class in college is important and if you miss even one, you can miss a really important lecture or information that you’ll need for the exam. Try to organize your time and commit to your classes without excuses.

3Doing Everything Alone


College is hard and you probably won’t be able to do everything on your own. You will have plenty of resources at your disposal, so use them to get through college. Find a tutor to help you with a subject you’re failing in, join study groups with your peers, ask your family and friends for help, and hire professionals with tasks you can’t complete.

Since you’re at the start of your college education, you probably don’t know much about hiring experts to do your papers.

The Essay OnTime service can take over the tasks you can’t do and turn them in before the deadline ends, and no one will know about it. Don’t overuse the option, but definitely use the help when you need it.

4Not Establishing Connections with Your Instructors

Most of your instructors will offer their assistance if you request it. They usually have office hours for this purpose. You don’t have to wait to have a big issue to approach them. As soon as possible, establish connections with the faculty. This could lead to many potential opportunities.

5Picking the Major Too Soon


We all have our dreams and hopes for our career since we were little, but our career prospects often change. Don’t rush into this – it’s one of the biggest decisions you’ll make. Explore different options, attend various classes, and get some advice from adults. Only then, you should pick a major.

6Closing Yourself Inside

Yes, college is hard and yes, you should be very responsible. But, this doesn’t mean that you should lock yourself in your dorm or the library and study all the time.

College is also the time to have fun, meet amazing people, and widen your network. So, join clubs, attend parties, and go out with friends whenever your schedule allows for it.

7Not Handling Your Budget with Care


Not many students have the luxury of spending as much as they want. In fact, 70% of students graduate from college with immense college debt. This means that you need to be organized with your budget and mindful of your spending.

Money mistakes made in college can haunt you for a very long time, while the proper organization can help you reduce the debts and have a nice, stress-free life while you’re studying.

8Ignoring Stress

Stress is a normal thing in the life of an individual, but only as long as it’s managed. New students feel a lot of pressure and are often stressed, which is unhealthy and bad for them.

Unless you want to suffer the repercussions of chronic stress, you need to try and reduce anxiety. Don’t let stress ruin your healthy habits, your mental health, or your physical health. If needed, go to the counselor or advisor on campus – that’s what they’re there for.

9Cutting Off Ties with People Back Home


You’ll meet great people during college, but don’t forget your best friends back at home. Keep in touch with your family and your friends. Find time to call them, don’t forget their birthdays, and visit whenever you find the time to do it.

10Skipping Sleep

College is tempting to a new student. You’ll want to party a lot and see everything, but you can’t possibly do this on a tight schedule without sacrificing your sleep. When you have the time, spend it as you please, but never, ever skip sleep to do something else. If you want to get through college and keep yourself healthy, you need a regular sleep schedule.

Are you ready for this new challenge? College years will be the most memorable years of your life, and avoiding such mistakes can make the experience even more pleasant!