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The use of internet technology is a crucial necessity for students in college. Students use technology to collaborate and share ideas throughout their school life. Besides, it’s the information age, and students are learning new skills that require in-depth research for their chosen subjects.

Therefore, with the emergence of the internet, it is of utmost importance for college students to know and understand the best technologies available in the market for them to utilize for their benefit. Outlined below are some examples of internet technologies suitable for college students:

9Personal Computer (PC)


A personal computer would be one that is portable and can be used in every area of the college environment. Laptops would be ideal- desktop is good too, but you will be grounded. The PC should adapt a wireless card to enable access to college Wi-Fi.

This makes it easier for you to access free internet connection and saves you the expense of paying for broadband services. Consider buying a laptop with a higher storage capacity like 8 GB RAM, Intel Core i7, and more top resolution screen.


Smartphones are cellular devices that support multiple functionalities, including internet browsing, music, gaming, voice calls, sending and receiving text messages, and storage. Any student can use their smartphones to handle assignments and even assign the same to homeworkdoer.

By using mobile applications such as Google Drive and Dropbox, you can easily save and store information regarding lecture notes, assignments and term papers and sync the same with your PC for retrieval anytime and s from anywhere. Similarly, to a PC, consider buying a phone with large internal storage and expandable memory, a good ram, and not to forget a camera for recording.



Smartpens are digital pens that you can use to capture and store handwritten or drawn images into a digital format. Then the same can be transferred to your PC. Sophisticated digital pens may include an option to record audio during a lecture and link it to what you wrote.

If your tutor explained a complex topic that you didn’t understand, you could go back to the notes you wrote and tap on the words; the pen will automatically replay everything that was said at that time. It sounds too good to be true? You can register for a live scribe plus smartpen account and get a free webspace that you will use to upload your notes and even share it with others.

6Digital Textbooks and E-books

We live in an information age and certainly, everything related to education is going digital. Did you know that policymakers are making laws requiring school textbooks to be in digital format? Well, a good example is California which a decade ago enacted a law requiring that all higher education reading materials be available in digital format by 2024.

With the rise of portable electronic devices like tablets and smartphones, it is now easy for students to read all kinds of books from the palm of their hands. This will cut on the cost of buying hardcopy texts-which are quite expensive. It will also enhance faster updates of information and students don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to by an updated textbook due to new information.

5Virtual Keyboards


Virtual keyboards are in-built software that allows a computer user to input data without using the hardware keyboard. The interface between the user and the computer is a touch screen. Students can use this to save on the time they take when typing.

4Smart lights

The smart light is simply any house lighting that can be controlled using an app on the smartphone. You are studying, and the light is too dim? Why not brighten it up? Similarly, you can change it if you find it too bright. That’s not all. Some sophisticated smart lights have speakers that you can link to your phone via Bluetooth and play your chosen music genre.

3Noise-canceling headphones


Sometimes you need to study but you can’t fully concentrate because there is too much noise around. The good thing is that you can always mitigate that with a well-made headphone with noise cancellation ability. Also, if the headset can be a wireless hat will be a plus.

Getting good headphones that produce clear and soft sound can be a fantastic experience in college. The best headphones are the ones that have earbuds to control volume, as well as play and pause your music. You can also listen to lectures that you have downloaded or recorded peacefully without worrying about the buzz around you being a distraction.

2Encrypted Flash Drive

As a student you are working on projects have notes, assignments and even better an innovative idea that is worth protection as intellectual property. With an increase in cloud computing and constantly sharing files, you need a flash drive that is encrypted to ensure maximum protection of your data.

You can use it to store all your data and access it anytime with convenience. If it gets lost, you don’t have to worry about intellectual theft, because a user will need a password to access the data stored in the said flash drive. However, you also need to keep the flash safe and free from damage o ensure the data is well stored.

1Tech Backpacks


Now that you have all these fantastic internet technologies and other accessories, how will you be carrying them around? Well, you need a tech backpack with two straps for tying over the shoulder. The bag you chose varies, as some have both external and internal frames.

Wrap Up

All these are the best internet technologies suitable for any college student who would like to get the most fantastic experience in college. They will cost you money, but they are worth it. The smartpen, for instance, will make your life in the classrooms in regards to notes convenient.

A PC, on the other hand, will ensure you conveniently complete your assignments on time, and also be your primary source of entertainment- you don’t have to acquire a television set.